L&L Hawaiian Barbecue

L&L Hawaiian Barbecue Hanalei: Delicious BBQ With Unique Island Vibes
The Bottom Line:

Hanalei's L&L Hawaiian Barbecue delivers huge servings of traditional barbecue and seafood — all served in a distinctly Hawaiian style. Eat your fill as you prepare for — or recuperate following — the ultimate island adventures in the Hanalei area. 

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

Craving a distinctly Hawaiian take on BBQ or seafood? Short on time for a sit-down meal? When you’re on the go in Hanalei, you’re always welcome to make a quick stop at the local L&L Hawaiian Barbeque for a tasty meal.

A beloved chain with several locations throughout the Hawaiian islands, L&L is not as BBQ-oriented as its name might suggest. Yes, the fast food joint serves a few delectable BBQ options, but it’s also known for its seafood dishes. Its vast menu appeals to a variety of visitors — especially anyone in want of sizable portions.

The Hanalei location is situated near the beach, making it the perfect stop after a wonderful day of surfing or soaking in the sun. The prices are reasonable and the service is generally quick — even though this particular location often has a long line. Many people arrive exclusively for takeout, although outdoor seating is also available. 

A few of our favorite menu items at L&L Hawaiian Berbecue include the following:

BBQ Mixed Plate
If you have a strong appetite, there’s no better order than this large meal. Incorporating all the essential components of a traditional Hawaiian barbecue plate lunch, it includes generous servings of BBQ short ribs and chicken, plus teriyaki steak. Add two servings of rice and a tasty scoop of macaroni salad — and you have the makings of a wonderful meal.

Seafood Combo
One of several seafood options at L&L, this combination meal gives you a taste of all your favorites — but without needing to compromise on barbecue flavor. Enjoy fried shrimp, fried fish, and barbecue chicken. Be prepared, because this hearty meal will be difficult to finish unless you arrive with a huge appetite.

Spam Musubi
It’s not every day you find a Japanese onigiri-inspired option at a place that purports to focus on barbecue. Don’t let that keep you from trying the spam musubi at L&L. If you’re unfamiliar with this snack, you’ll marvel at the inclusion of grilled spam with musubi’s trademark rice and nori. This makes for a great side but can also be enjoyed on its own if you’re not hungry enough to handle L&L’s massive portions.

Garlic Shrimp
If you want a lighter meal but aren’t willing to part with sides, the garlic shrimp entree may be your best bet. Flavorful, yet reasonably healthy, this shrimp plate includes a scoop of brown rice and a tossed green salad. 

Don’t leave Hawaii without trying saimin at least once. This local dish consists of an enticing noodle soup. A simplified version is available, although you can also amp up this regional dish by adding chicken, shrimp, or teriyaki steak.

Enjoy a taste of traditional Hawaiian BBQ on the go; you’ll find everything you need at Hanalei’s L&L location. A quick stop will ensure that you fill up on barbecue or seafood with distinctly Hawaiian flavors and sensibilities. No other fast food joint provides as complete a picture of the contemporary casual island dining experience. 

Insider Tips:
-L&L Hawaiian offers a dedicated app, where you can easily order your favorite BBQ dishes on the go. Upon ordering via the app, it’s possible to skip lines and pick up your food the moment you arrive at the Hanalei location.
-The L&L Hawaiian app also provides the opportunity to earn points on purchases and eventually redeem them. This makes it an essential download for anyone who adores barbecue or intends to visit L&L locations on a regular basis.