Bynam Bridge (Formally Kamalani Kai Bridge)

Bynum Bridge Playground - Wooden Treetop Playground
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Bynum Bridge playground, formerly known as Kamalani Kai Bridge, is in Lydgate Beach. Not to be confused with Kamalani Playground, Bynum Bridge is a quarter of a mile south of Kamalani.

- The Local Expert Team

We admit it: this playground can be confusing. First is the name change. For years, the playground was known as the Kamalani Kai Bridge, but in 1997, the city renamed it the Bynum Bridge playground. We’ll have more on that in a bit.

The second issue is the case of mistaken identity. Many visitors associate the Bynum Bridge playground with the Kamalani Playground. Although they’re both at the Lydgate Beach, Bynum Bridge playground is further south of Kamalani playground.  

Got it? We hope so. Now let’s check out this bridge.

The visionary for both playgrounds was Tim Bynum, a four-term county council member. In the early 90s, Tim told his brother, “We’re going to build a playground for the children of Kauai.”

Tim and his brother cleared the brush near Lydgate Park with machetes in hand, and in 1994, Kamalani Playground opened.

But Tim wasn’t finished. He set his sights on building another playground, something grander. After 22 days of labor, Kamalani Kai Bridge opened in 2001. 

Sadly, Tim passed away in 2016, but in 2017, the community renamed the playground Bynum Bridge to honor this civil servant who loved to help children.  

Bynum Bridge playground is a towering wooden structure that sits amidst the trees. Unlike Kamalani Playground, Bynum Bridge is taller with a few more slides. One that stands out is a green enclosed plastic slide that corkscrews to the ground. 

This bridge has a myriad of turrets and passages for children to explore. Like Kamalani Playground, art crafted by keikis (Hawaiian for “children”) dots the playground. 

When you’re visiting Lydgate Park, we think your kids will l love climbing and exploring this bridge. Maybe you will, too!

Insider Tip:
Bynum Bridge is very tall, which may not be suitable for toddlers and young children. A small parking lot is nearby, making visits easy.