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Infinite Arts - The Amazing Art of Max Lemaire
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4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Max Lemaire has an incredible eye and creates beautiful and memorable pieces of art. Find landscapes, pieces that take you to a spiritual realm, gorgeous lightboxes, and more at Infinite Arts in Hanalei. Come just to browse, or consider purchasing a piece to allow you to take a little piece of Hawaii home with you.

- The Local Expert Team

Max Lemaire from Infinite Arts Gallery sees the world differently, he sees it through the eyes of an artist. Instead of the sky, he sees layers of paint and when he looks at nature, he sees patterns. He makes art to move people, to help them experience something that might shift their perspective. When he begins a piece, he has no idea what the end result will be. It’s all part of the experience, one brushstroke at a time.

Come to see his amazing works at Infinite Arts Gallery, located at 5-5190 Kuhio Hwy. behind Na Pali Properties in Hanalei. Browse the works of Max Lemaire and take a little piece of the island home with you. 

When walking by Infinite Arts, you might just catch Max painting. He may be working outside or inside, but it’s always a treat to see him paint. He is very approachable and will be happy to tell you all about his work, approach, and method. Feel free to ask him about any of his paintings, it will definitely be a cool learning experience.

If you generally avoid going into galleries because of the pushy employees who hover around you as you browse, don’t worry about that at Infinite Arts. You will be free to browse the gallery, appreciate the art, ask questions if you have any, and not be pressured to make a purchase. If you do decide to buy something, know that you are supporting a local person that you can meet at the gallery.

Come to see a variety of types of artwork, including landscapes, surreal, and abstract pieces. There are also visionary pieces that take you into the spiritual realm beyond the five senses and figurative works that try to capture the mystery of a person.

In addition to paintings, Lemaire also creates lightboxes and woodwork. Infinite Arts Lightboxes are beautiful with the lights on or off. There are many designs available and they come in three sizes. The colors can be controlled with remote control and the options include many solid colors, whites, and fading between colors. For woodwork, Lamaire creates custom pieces such as cabinets, tables, healing tables, frames, beds, and doors. There are many possibilities and he can work with you to plan a project.

Once returning home, if you have any regrets about not buying something from Infinite Arts, you can purchase pieces online. The online store is also a great way to share Max’s art with others in the lower 48.

Insider Tips:
-If you are interested in purchasing some art from Infinite Arts Gallery, but are not interested in trying to cram it in your luggage, ask about shipping. This gallery would be more than happy to accommodate your shipping needs.
-Keep in mind that Max also makes custom frames. If a painting catches your eye, consider also commissioning a frame to go with it.