Hanapepe Swinging Bridge

Hanapepe Swinging Bridge - Safe, Fun Wooden Footbridge that Wobbles
The Bottom Line:

The Hanapepe Swinging Bridge is a historic wooden suspension footbridge that is safe, free, and fun to explore. Hurricane Iniki damaged it in 1992, but restorations took place that same year. The new reinforced cables made the bridge not as "swingy" as before. 

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

Nestled in the quaint town of Hanapepe on the southern coast of Kauai is the historic Hanapepe Swinging Bridge. The wooden footbridge was constructed in 1911 to cross the Hanapepe River, connecting the old town of Hanapepe with the Hanapepe Valley.

Taro farmers, locals, and children still use the bridge to journey into town for business, supplies, and school.  

In 1992, Hurricane Iniki severely damaged the bridge, making it unsafe to traverse. The good news is that it was repaired and has reopened. The bad news, at least for some, is that the added reinforced cables and planks have made the bridge less “swingy” than previously.  

This bridge is open 24-hours a day, seven days a week, but only 15 people are allowed on the bridge at one time. There is no cost to visit, and the grassy banks along the river are great for kids to play and explore. 

Parents love visiting the Hanapepe Swinging Bridge because it’s safe for the family. Children love the footbridge because it wobbles and swings! Unlike many other suspension bridges that connect steep gorges, Hanapepe Swinging Bridge is approximately 15’ above the river. It is 3ft wide, and visitors can only cross singe-file, so be sure to wait your turn and let locals go first. 

Wooden handrails are shoulder height to assist your balance if the bridge wobbles too much for your liking. Mesh wire fencing runs from the handrail to the floor to prevent children and pets from falling off the bridge.  

When you’re in the Hanapepe area, we believe a visit to the Hanapepe Swinging Bridge should be on your itinerary. It’s safe, it’s fun, and it’s free!

Insider Tip:
The best time to visit the Hanapepe Swinging Bridge is Friday so that you can combine crossing the bridge with the Hanapepe Art Night. The bridge is next to the Aloha Spice Company on Hanapepe Road.