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Fun Factory - Video Games, Arcade Style, and Family Fun
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4 / 5
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Fun Factory is, as its name suggests, a factory of fun times. This is a chain of activity centers in which families and friends can go to play arcade games, video games, small amusement rides, and more. You'll find these exciting attractions on each of Hawaii's four islands. 

- The Local Expert Team

Hawaii is a verifiable paradise and an ideal place to take the kids out and about for adventures outdoor. However, as lovely as the beaches and the rainforests are, there come times when they can’t entertain the kids. Rainy days kick out your plans and afternoons where you want to really get the kids tired out before dinner. For those days in Hawaii, where you want to go is the Fun Factory.

Fun Factory is a chain of family entertainment centers that are on every one of the main islands. This means locations in Hawaii, Maui, Honolulu, and Kauai. The Fun Factory chain began in 1977 in Hawaii with the aim of creating an environment in which friends and family could enjoy good times together. 

The Fun Factory experience is based largely on an arcade-style environment. When you walk in, you can expect to see a myriad of classic arcade and video games, including skee ball, claw machines, and a myriad of try-your-luck games. All Fun Factories include popular video games, including both the newly released and timeless classics — so that no matter what your generation, you’re sure to find something enjoyable to play. 

To play the myriad of games at Fun Factory, you will go to the front desk and request a special Fun Factory credit card. You can then load up that credit card up with your desired cash value. Then, send your children out to play their favorite games to their heart’s content. Maybe you’ll even join in with the fun! Most of the games come with awards when won. Either the cardholder will get a winning credit applied to the Fun Factory card or it will print out paper tickets. These tickets and the card can then be taken to the card and exchanged for special prizes. 

In addition to regular entrances, Fun Factory is available for things like parties or similar big events. All locations offer a special discount for groups with ten or more individuals — and those discounts are pretty noteworthy. For a discounted price, party guests can enjoy unlimited play on video games, unlimited kiddie rides where applicable, and more. So if you have a bunch of kids and don’t know what to do with them, consider a couple of hours letting them run around at one of Hawaii’s Fun Factories. 

Insider Tips:
-The most popular of Fun Factories is the one located in Hilo on the Big Island. This one gets a lot of attention thanks to its location and a huge selection of games.
-ust about all of the Fun Factories are located within some type of shopping center. Because prices at the Fun Factories can be high, it’s a good idea to grab food nearby rather than purchase snacks onsite. You can either eat before or after or bring refreshments into the store itself.