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Fathom Five – Offering Exhilarating Kauai Boat and Shore Dives Plus a Whole Lot More
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Are you looking for a safe, comfortable way to explore all the top dive sites in Kauai? If so, join the team at Fathom Five for boat and shore dive explorations to remember. If you’re not trained in diving, join their scuba classes instead. They have gear available to rent and buy, too!

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

If you want to explore all the top dive sites around the island, Fathom Five is the place to go in South Shore Kauai. Their shore and boat dives promise to show you all the best sights, helping you explore every inch of paradise in style. You do have to come certified for scuba experiences, however, to instantly hit the water. But if you’re not yet certified, they’re here to help with that as well.

Through their training courses, you can get certified for open water, advanced dives, and so much more. They also have rescue dive courses that help you learn how to help yourself and others while exploring the ocean depths.

No matter which courses you take, you’ll want to learn how to use enriched air nitrox to improve your safety even more. If you fall in love with the hobby, then consider completing the dive master course as well. With that move, you can become a professional diver and enjoy non-stop fun and adventure through the years.

Once you’re ready for their dive experiences, you can sign up for their six-person boat tours or start off at the shore. For their boat dives, they offer two- and three-tank trips during both the day and twilight hours. You just have to pick your trip length and time, and then let them know which spots you want to hit. They even have a nighttime dive at the Sheraton Caverns where you can see octopuses, moray eels, and sharks.

Their shore dives are daytime and nighttime one- to two-tank experiences that let you ease into the scuba world. For these dives, you’ll go to Ahukini Landing, Koloa Landing, or the Tunnels, depending on what you want to see.

All their dives are led by experienced PADI dive masters with a focus on your safety, comfort, and fun. They provide all the gear and instruction you need to experience the beauty of Kauai in a whole new way. After your dive experience, you’re welcome to come into the shop to rent and buy gear as needed for all your island adventures.

Their most popular dives include:

Three Fingers
The Three Fingers boat dive gives you a glimpse into the sheer power of the lava flows while you take in the sight of surgeonfish, turtles, and dragon morays. At just 25 to 75 feet deep, this site works well for beginners but still has plenty enough to offer advanced divers.

Only available to intermediate and advanced divers, Niihau takes you 45 to 105 feet deep into an underwater wonderland. Monk seals, sharks, and everything in between promise to put on a grand display as you explore any of the 11 dive sites.  

Ahukini Landing
Great for beginners and advanced divers alike, the Ahukini Landing shore dive lets you explore gorgeous marine life up close, including cleaner shrimp, frogfish, and lobsters. If you’re lucky, you might even get to swim with the dolphins and stingrays as you explore the 20- to 90-foot deep waters.

Not sure if you want to scuba around the waters of Kauai? Try it out with their Introductory Shore Dive on the northern or southern shores of the island. Available seven days a week, this course will help you get to know the hobby inside and out. You’ll start with a one-hour academic lesson on how to use the gear, safety rules to follow, and so much more. Then, if you want to continue, you can go on one or two introductory dives to see what it’s like to go underwater.

Insider Tips:
-Want to buy their gear after returning home? Just go on their website to order online.
-If you have any medical conditions, like asthma, talk with your doctor to see if it’s okay for you to dive. If so, be sure to have them fill out a medical release form and bring it with you on your trip to the island.
-Use their PADI eLearning course to prepare for your certifications before your trip, so you can get into the water faster.