Big Save Market – Kapaa

Kapaa Big Save Market - Popular Local Grocery Store With Great Services
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4 / 5
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Big Save Market in Kapaa is a popular local grocery store that is renowned for its wide selection, fair prices, and delicious ready-made deli fare. They also offer a myriad of services and products that both visitors and locals are apt to find useful, such as bus passes and fishing supplies.

- The Local Expert Team

With an estimated population of around 10,000, Kapaa can’t exactly be called a bustling city. However, it is the most populous town on the island of Kauai. It has a nice variety of supermarkets and small corner shops that deal in household and general grocery store goods. Big Save Market is a great choice. Especially for those looking to pick up packaged food, daily staples, and some deliciously fresh counter-made items. But it also offers some nice extras you aren’t apt to see at competing businesses.

You’ll find Kapaa’s Big Save Market housed in the modern Kapaa Shopping Center. Right on Kuhio Highway between Kaloluka and Panihi Roads. We say Kapaa Big Save Market because this store is one of several locally-owned and operated grocery stores partnering under the Big Save Supermarket brand. You will also find Big Save Markets in Eleele, Hanalei, Waimea, and Koloa. Each has something special to offer and each provides valuable services to the community and its guests.

In addition to stocking rows upon rows of your standard grocery products, the Big Save Market in Kapaa offers several convenient services that make visiting and living in the area easily. You will find an onsite copy machine and Western Union Money Transfer and Bill Pay services. You can also purchase local bus passes by the day or month. Even more, you can stock up on any fishing supplies you might want to enjoy the local waters.

Other notable products offered by the Big Save Market in Kapaa include:

A large selection of Asian and Polynesian products to choose from
You’ll find Asian and Polynesian influences throughout Hawaiian culture, including its culinary culture. This extends to grocery stores as well as restaurants, diners, and food trucks. At Big Save Market in Kappa, you can peruse an entire shopping row stocked with Asian and Polynesian dry goods. Making this supermarket a great choice for those looking to recreate locally-found menu items at home or in a resort room.

A broad selection of fresh Hawaiian produce
All supermarkets on Kauai are going to carry produce. Yet, Big Save Market has developed a reputation for purchasing some of the best produce and meats available from local farms and beyond. This is the place you want to go for freshly butchered Hawaiian beef, just-ripened melons, and much more. They do a great job of highlighting seasonal fruit and vegetables. They also consistently keep a good selection of quality must-haves like onions and potatoes. 

Hot (and cold) plate lunches at a fantastic price
Sure, you could buy your grocery store goods and cook your own lunch, but what about when you’re on the go? The deli counter at Big Save Market has you covered! On some sunny days, you will even see part of the deli team set up outside grilling up tasty beef and pork menu items. Kauai’s beautiful landscaped hills make the background. Just be aware that their menu changes regularly. By the day and by the season. So if something strikes your fancy, better get your fill-in before they run out! They also have a good selection of fresh sushi and poke here. 

Insider Tips:
-The shopping center that Kapaa Big Save Market is in has several other convenient spots you might find yourself interested in on your grocery run. A local US Post Office, a laundromat, gas station, and a larger hardware shop that all share or otherwise border the same parking lot. You might even think of it as your one-stop, grab-what-you-need-before-you-head-out-from-your-next-Kauai-adventure shop. 
-If you are looking for a good ready-made lunch at an even better price, stop by Big Save Market in Kapaa. Just after peak lunch hours, around 1 and 2 pm, the deli staff slash the prices on their bagged lunch items to get them out the door.