Paleaku Gardens Peace Sanctuary

Paleaku Gardens Peace Sanctuary - A Place for Relaxation
Local Expert's Rating:
4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

In all the chaos of a vacation, take some time to slow down at Paleaku Gardens Peace Sanctuary. You can explore seven acres of beautiful plants and shrines. Take your time and relax in this peaceful place.

- The Local Expert Team

Even when you are in a beautiful place, vacations are stressful. You try to get from one attraction to the next and want to make sure you don’t miss a thing. Continuing at this pace can be exhausting. When you need to slow down a little bit, head to Paleaku Gardens Peace Sanctuary.

Located on Painted Church Road in Captain Cook, this is a terrific place to visit after the painted church. It won’t be an all-day excursion. Plan for about two hours to be able to see everything and spend some time relaxing. The sanctuary is reasonably priced and has many features to allow you to slow down and reflect.

There are seven acres to explore here on this land nestled in South Kona. Find gorgeous views overlooking Kealakekua Bay and Puuhonua o Honaunau National Historic Park. In addition, there are nicely manicured pathways that meander through rare Hawaiian plants and lovely botanical arrangements. Be sure to find the macadamia nut orchards, mango groves, fruit trees, and mature palms.

Furthermore, take some time to reflect at sacred sites in the gardens. There are both small shrines and large shrines. Most of the shrines are Buddhist, but Christian, Islamic, Hawaiian, Native American, and Hebrew shrines are also in the sanctuary.

Here is a look at a few of the shrines located in Paleaku Gardens Peace Sanctuary:

Kalachakra Stupa
A Buddhist shrine, the Kalachakra stupa, is connected to the symbolism of the Kalachakra Tantra. It was created to protect against negative energies. This large white shrine offers a quiet place to meditate and be amongst nature.

Hebrew Tree of Life
This shrine represents the Hebrew teachings of life and features a blue glass candelabra. It sits on a base of Ohia wood, which came from the forest of Mauna Loa.

The Hawaiian Shrine
At this small Hawaiian Heiau, which means a spiritual altar, prayers are offered to Aumakua. They are the guardians of the land at Paleaku.

Islamic Shrine
This beautiful shrine features lovely stonework, plants, and the star and crescent of Islam.

Our Lady of Guadalupe
You can find a statue of Our Lady Guadalupe in a covered area. It’s peaceful with beautiful ironwork and plants. 

This sanctuary has three other top-rated features: The Labyrinth, Galaxy Garden, and 800-year-old petroglyphs. The labyrinth may look small, but taking the winding path takes a while. It’s a terrific time to slow down and reflect. The galaxy garden is beautiful. Plants are arranged in the form of the Milky Way, and it’s a serene place to sit and birdwatch.

In addition to the plants and shrines, there are facilities to check out. Stop by the Gift Shop and Visitors Center. Find souvenirs to take home, as well as local art and a free Kona coffee tasting. If you are interested in hosting an event here, there are several options. These include the Garden Resource Room, Meeting Hall, and a Covered Eating Area. 

Insider Tips:
-Bring your camera. There are countless places in the garden to stop and get some beautiful group shots. In addition, you will want to grab pictures of the gorgeous plants, shrines, and wildlife.
-Stay a little extra and peruse the library of spiritual books. This peaceful spot overlooking the ocean is the perfect place to sit and reflect.