Quinn’s Almost by the Sea

Quinn’s Almost By The Sea – Sports Bar With Traditional American Fare
Local Expert's Rating:
4.5 / 5
The Bottom Line:

This casual, laid-back sports bar offers up traditional American bar fare in a relaxing environment paying homage to the Green Bay Packers, and all things Wisconsin. It’s a fun spot to post up for a pint and a burger!

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

What it lacks in views, Quinn’s Almost By The Sea makes up for in character. The restaurant doesn’t lie. When they say they’re “almost” by the sea, they mean it. Located on Palani Road in Kailua-Kona, this casual watering hole on Hawaii’s West Coast is close to the water, but far enough away that you’re not going to see it. Don’t worry, though, because the draw at Quinn’s isn’t the view, it’s the food and the friendly atmosphere.

The unassuming green exterior and the ocean-inspired oval sign outside of the building don’t give away the atmosphere inside. Upon stepping into Quinn’s, you’re immediately surrounded by lots of decorations. The walls are adorned with murals of ocean landscapes. The dark wooden bar is fully stocked. There are license plates hanging along the walls. But more than this, this bar is a love letter to Wisconsin. Covered in Green Bay Packers paraphernalia, and Wisconsin artifacts, this is a casual sports bar that feels invitingly familiar to anyone who has ever been to a sports bar and looks like more than a touch of home for Midwesterners.

Out back is a secluded patio with a totally different, but equally comfortable vibe. The patio is surrounded by rocks and plants and covered by a wooden overhang. There are string lights and lanterns that give it a warm, whimsical glow at night.

The bulk of the menu is simple, traditional pub food done right. It features appetizers like onion rings, fried zucchini, egg rolls, wings, and more. There is an assortment of soups and salads, burgers, sandwiches, and entrees featuring seafood, pasta, chicken, and steak. A full selection of beer, wine, and cocktails round out the menu.

Here are a few of our favorite bites:

Quinn’s Famous Fish and Chips
Guests can choose from three kinds of fish, which are beer-battered and fried until golden brown, then served with homemade tartar sauce and steak fries. We got the Ono and absolutely loved it. The fish was tender, the batter was crisp, and the fries were spot on.

Stuffed Avocado
This is great as an appetizer, or a quick, small meal if you’re not super hungry. An avocado is halved and stuffed with your choice of tuna or snow crab (we chose snow crab,) and served with garlic bread. The garlic bread was delicious, the avocado was fresh and ripe, and the snow crab filling was out of this world.

Cheese Curds
When in Rome… or in this case, Wisconsin. You can’t go to a Wisconsin bar without indulging in some decadent cheese curds. These white cheddar curds were perfectly cooked, and the dipping sauces complemented them deliciously.

Quinn’s Almost By The Sea is a casual, totally unpretentious spot to grab some well-made bar food, enjoy an ice-cold beverage, and enjoy some friendly, Midwestern hospitality in the heart of Hawaii.

Insider Tips:
-Parking can be tough here, and you may have to wait for a space. If traveling with a large group, try to use the minimal number of cars you can.
-They have great happy hour specials. Stop in for discounted drinks and food items.
-Quinn’s is a great spot to watch NFL football games. For Packers fans especially, this is the place to watch the home team on Sundays.