Magical Creatures Sanctuary

Make a Difference at the Magical Creatures Sanctuary
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5.0 / 5
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At Magical Creatures Sanctuary, you will meet farm animals who previously lived a very different life and are not thriving. The passionate team of volunteers keeps these magical creatures safe and ensures that the rest of their lives are lived out in peace and comfort. You can see them for yourself in person when visiting the Big Island. Be sure to book either a private or public tour. 

- The Local Expert Team

Magical Creatures Sanctuary is a nonprofit farm that rescues farm animals with special needs that have been neglected or were injured or orphaned in the wild. The mission of the sanctuary is to rescue, rehabilitate, and then offer a lifelong sanctuary to these animals on the Big Island, all of which provides the Hawaiian community with programs that promote stewardship, compassion, and kindness. The animals that are housed at Magical Creatures Sanctuary are there for life. 

This is not an open-intake sanctuary. However, the team does its best to ensure that all injured, neglected, or lost farm animals are allowed to live out the rest of their lives with peace and dignity. The dedicated individuals who take care of these beloved animals are all volunteers. Since its launch in 2018, Executive Director Helena Lundbland and her team of committed, passionate volunteers have been focused on the welfare of farmed animals. This sanctuary has since grown thanks to the dedication of the group which always puts the 85 animal residents first.  

You can visit the Magical Creatures Sanctuary via a public or private tour. There is a suggested donation of $50 per adult and $30 for kids for the public tour, with the private price point being a donation of $70 per adult and $50 for kids. Keep in mind that this cost goes to the continued care of the property and the animals who call it home. During the two-hour tours, you will be taken from species to species and enter the yards and pastures where many of the animal residents spend their time. You will learn the residents’ rescue stories along with information about how the various species are farmed and the industries from which they came. 

Throughout your visit and tour, there will be many opportunities for close-up interaction with the magical residents. All guests are encouraged to arrive on time for their reserved tour time as the sanctuary is very busy, and a delay can throw off a whole day’s itinerary. The residents—who call Magical Creatures Sanctuary home— are friendly and welcoming to visitors. Residents include goats, sheep, pigs, cows, chickens, and cats. Each animal resident is named and treasured. You can sponsor them as well as an additional way to help further the cause of Magical Creatures Sanctuary. 

If you choose to sponsor an animal, you will be giving monthly towards their care. In exchange, you will learn all sorts of information about your sponsored animal and be regularly given progress reports on how they are doing. You can even donate to a specific animal in honor of another animal or a human’s memory. Another way to give back to this worthy organization is to shop on their online shop. Merchandise is branded for Magical Creatures and includes hats, bags, clothing, shirts, and home and office products. You can also become a Patron with plans starting at as little as $1 monthly. This will give you benefits like exclusive pictures and videos of the animals, holiday postcards, private tours with the founder, and more.

Insider Tips:
-For the safety and comfort of the rescued animals, companion animals and pets are not allowed on the sanctuary property. 
-Tours are appropriate for all ages, but Magical Creatures Sanctuary does request a maximum of two children 12 and under per adult. 
-You must make a reservation for your tour. There is no accommodation for drop-in visitors as the team is busy working and running the sanctuary. 
-Please do not feed any animals during your visit to the sanctuary as many are on special diets. Only feed the animals upon the instruction of the MCS staff and with the food they provide. 
-Tour sizes are limited to a maxim of 10 people. 
-Tours take place rain or shine. 
-There are no public restrooms available at the Magical Creatures Sanctuary. If you do need the restroom facilities, you can visit the nearby Minit Stop on Highway 19, which is just down the road, or the Country Store in Papaaloa, which is in the next village over. 
-There is a 30% Kamaaina tour discount with ID. Contact the Magical Creatures Sanctuary before booking to inquire about this discount.