Heavenly Hawaiian Kona Coffee Farm

Heavenly Hawaiian Kona Coffee Farm – Enjoy a Leisurely Tour Before Sipping on Divine Coffee Flavors
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4 / 5
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Heavenly Hawaiian Kona Coffee Farm lets you take a deep dive into the world of growing, roasting, and brewing world-famous coffee. Come for the tours, and then stick around to sip on all their delicious brews at the Konalani Coffee Bar. Just don’t forget to buy a bag of beans before you leave.

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

Would you like to see just how your favorite daily pick-me-up goes from farm to table? If so, you need a trip to the Heavenly Hawaiian Kona Coffee Farm in your life. Located in the heart of Holualoa, this beautiful farm produces some of the best 100% Kona coffee on the island. Then, they go above and beyond by opening up their property to visitors who want to see how all the magic happens.

If you’d like to take that journey, you just have to sign up for one of their tours. They have three major tours available, each offering in-depth explorations into growing, roasting, and brewing coffee. The tours last one hour, although you’re bound to walk away with a lifetime of amazing information. You have to book the tours well in advance because they fill up early. Plan to show up at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the tour to avoid getting left behind.

On their basic tour, you’ll get to explore the coffee trees and other crops growing across their farmlands. You’ll see how the coffee grows through every life stage and learn just when to pick the beans at peak ripeness. Their roasting tour goes one step further in showing you how to take the fresh beans and build bold flavor in every last one. To bring it all together, you’ll want to take the brewing tour, which shows you how to get the most out of every cup of Kona coffee.

When you’re done exploring the farmlands and more alongside your tour guide, you can stop in at the Konalani Coffee Bar for a drink. At this farm side coffee bar, they serve up all the top drinks using beans grown, processed, and roasted right on the property. If you prefer something a little different, they have Italian Sodas and other refreshing drinks on tap as well. 

Their top items include:

Laulea Cold Brew
For an interesting mix of flavors in every sip, go with the Laulea Cold Brew. This drink starts with 100% Kona cold brew. To that, they add maple, cinnamon, and lavender syrups. You get your choice of cream, too, such as half & half, oat milk, or almond milk.

Lilikoi Italian Soda
If you’re looking for an easy way to jazz up your day, treat yourself to the Lilikoi Italian Soda. To create this drink, they pour sparkling water over plenty of ice, and then drizzle in the perfect amount of lilikoi syrup. Cream goes over the top to bring it all together right before serving.

Hibiscus Tea
A definite favorite on the summer special menu, the Hibiscus Tea always brightens up the day with its brilliant flavor profile. You can get it piping hot or served over plenty of ice. Either way, get ready for the herbal tea to serve as a delightful base while hints of pomegranate and cranberry shine through.

Want their 100% Kona coffee delivered straight to your door on the regular? Just sign up for their coffee club. It’s completely free to join. You just have to pay for all the coffee you want every week, month, or other timely interval. Upon signing up, you get to select your preferred coffee variety – and you can change it up anytime. If you’d like to kick your deliveries up a notch, add Coconut Cream Macnuts, Kona Coffee Brittle, or any of their other treats to your order.

Insider Tips:
-Staying on the Big Island for at least three months? Get the full farming experience by signing up as a volunteer.
-The last tour of the day happens at 4 pm on the dot, so plan accordingly or you could miss out.
-Upgrade to coffee ice cubes for an extra charge to leisurely sip your cold brew without it getting watered down.