Greenwell Farms

Greenwell Farms – Explore the World of Kona Coffee and Get a Taste of Its Pure Deliciousness
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For an inside look at the world of Kona Coffee, set your sights on Greenwell Farms. Located right on the Mamalahoa Highway in Kealakekua, this farm provides free tours and tastings all day long. Afterward, they invite you to buy all your favorite items at the gift shop plus offer online shopping opportunities as well.

- The Local Expert Team

Have you always wondered just what it takes to bring bright, flavorful Kona coffee to your cup? If so, you definitely need to take a trip to Greenwell Farms. With a visit to this beautifully maintained Kealakekua farm, you can go on a guided tour that takes you from seed to freshly brewed cup of coffee. You’ll also get to sample all their most popular coffees at your leisure, plus shop for your favorites in their store.

To start your journey, you’ll need to travel down Mamalahoa Highway to the farm right before your ideal tour time. The tours start at 9 am and last about one hour each. To avoid getting left behind, aim to arrive about 15 minutes early. If you do end up having to wait a long time, you can keep yourself busy by sampling all the coffee varieties onsite. They have their most popular coffees brewed up and ready to sip all day long. Just grab a cup and treat yourself to the selections that interest you the most.

Once your tour starts, you’ll begin at the seedling stage, and then move through to processing at the end. While looking at all the baby coffee trees, you’ll learn how they graft the Arabica Typica coffee onto the Robusta rootstock to create a hardy tree. Then, you’ll take a trip through the orchards to see the healthy trees growing alongside many other wonderful plants, including vanilla, cacao, and black pepper. Your guide will educate you on all there’s to know about each plant and even let you sample a black peppercorn right off the plant.

By the end of the tour, you’ll have inside knowledge of how they produce every coffee variety onsite. Then, you’ll get to go into their store to shop around for Kona coffee and more. Although the focus always remains on the coffee, of course, you can get many other local delicacies, including chocolate and honey. Don’t forget to pick up your coffeemaking accessories as well, like mugs, scoops, and airtight containers.   

Stop by to pick up:

100% Kona Coffee
After going on a whirlwind farm tour, treat yourself to a bag of their 100% Kona Coffee. You have dozens of varieties to choose from, including their ever-popular Chameleon Blend that combines medium, full-city, and dark roasts. Can’t decide between all the varieties? Get a sample pack to savor all the top choices.

Organic Hawaiian Honey
There’s perhaps nothing more decadent than Organic Hawaiian Honey, plus it goes great in a cup of coffee. So, don’t hesitate to get your fill by purchasing a jar (or two!) of their neighbor’s Big Island Bees brand honey. Although you can buy the jars separately, the honey also comes in a combo pack, so you can savor the difference between each type.

Single Origin Estate Chocolate Bars
Do you love to nosh on the richest chocolate around? If so, get the Single Origin Estate Chocolate Bars. The bars start with cacao beans harvested from their own trees. After the beans dry onsite, the Puna Chocolate Company takes over in roasting, preparing, and pressing them into scrumptious chocolate bars with a slight cherry kick.

If you return home craving all their delicious coffee, sweet treats, and more, just go to their website to put in your order. You can buy all their items for shipment straight to your front door any time of the year. Want a discount on your order? Just sign up for their coffee club ahead of time. Upon signing up, you can have your favorite coffee varieties automatically delivered straight to your door at the desired frequency. You’ll also get early access to new roasts plus all the latest news about their promotions.

Insider Tips:
-Their last tour of the day departs at 3 pm, so plan accordingly to avoid missing out.
-If you’d like to go on a private tour, you’ll need to call in advance to book your spot.