Atlantis Submarines Kona

Take a Deep Dive and Experience the Depths of the Kona Coast from Atlantis Adventures Kona Submarine
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4 / 5
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Experience undersea life as you’ve never witnessed it before, from a submarine. Explore the 25-acre Kona coral reef 100 feet below the surface from the air-conditioned comfort of an Atlantis Adventures submarine. You’ll never have another adventure like it in Hawaii.

- The Local Expert Team

When most people visit the Island of Hawaii, they only see the surface. Some get a chance to explore the areas near the surface by snorkeling. However, most of the island’s beauty lies inaccessible to many. Until the introduction of the Atlantis Submarines. These subs give all ages the chance to see what lies 100 feet below the surface while getting a guided narration of the marine life they see.

For those who want to experience the vast undersea life off the Kona Coast without getting wet, the Atlantis Adventures Kona Submarine is a perfect choice. This submarine tour of the coral reef is great for all ages, unlocking the wonders of the deep for those who might not want to scuba dive.

These submarines operate on quiet battery power, to reduce the impact on the environment, especially the delicate reef the subs travel to. In fact, Atlantis Adventures has maintained its Sustainable Tourism certification since 2014.

The total time for the trip is an hour, which allows you to ride the shuttle boat to the submarine and hear about the safety protocols before starting the 45-minute undersea tour. During the tour, well-trained guides will describe the sea life visible and explain the dynamics of the natural and artificial reefs. The subs make a 180-degree turn during the tour, allowing people seated on both sides to see the sights 100 feet under the surface.

Marine life sightings on the tour vary depending on the time of year and the behavior of the native fauna. However, the quiet submarines don’t disturb nearby sea creatures, and some visitors report seeing large fish coming right up to the windows. Sharks, dolphins, coral, and numerous fish are among the living creatures you could see on this tour. The submarine also travels past shipwrecks that create artificial habitats for sea life.

The tour guides on this trip provide entertaining, insightful narration, blending facts and humor to keep the discussion interesting. They are very well versed in the types of sea life found on the tour and willing to address questions from passengers. Additionally, all staff aboard the submarine are highly professional to keep the passengers aboard safe throughout the trip. All tour guides also speak English. Passengers may request headsets for translations of the tours in Mandarin, Korean, Japanese, and Spanish.  

When riding inside the submarine, you will have a comfortable, air-conditioned experience. Every seat has a large viewing window to see from, giving each person a prime spot on the trip. Staff members ensure all guests understand safety procedures in case of an incident before setting off. Even those who feel apprehensive about riding in a submarine feel reassured when they get aboard the Atlantis Submarine.

A trip on the Atlantis Adventures Kona Submarine gives all ages the chance to see the 25-acre coral reef and its marine life off the Kona Coast. This once-in-a-lifetime chance is one that you should not miss.

Insider Tips:
-Atlantis Adventures validates your parking at the Courtyard Marriott King Kamehameha Kona Beach hotel’s self-parking lot for four hours. Validation reduces the total price and makes finding a spot easier. Use the remainder of the time on the parking validation to enjoy other area sights before you need to relocate your vehicle.
-Arrive at least 30 minutes before your excursion to allow time for check-in.
-Last-minute cancellations may occur due to ocean conditions, such as rough seas or poor clarity.
-Visitors must be able to climb up and down a vertical ladder to participate in the submarine tour.
-Children must be at least 36 inches tall and capable of climbing the ladder to ride the submarine.