Aloha Kayak Co.

Aloha Kayak Co. - Small Kayak Outfit in West Hawaii
Local Expert's Rating:
4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Aloha Kayak Co. is a locally owned and operated kayak tour that is best known for their personable and well-informed guides. This is an excellent tour to go on if you love history and learning more about the local culture of an area. 

- The Local Expert Team

As you might imagine, there are a ton of kayaking outfitters and tour guides across the Hawaiian Islands. There are a ton of exciting water adventures awaiting those with a desire to see the islands from a different perspective. As such, the question often isn’t whether you want to do a kayaking tour, but rather which kayaking tour outfit you want to use. One excellent choice for those wanting a smaller, more locally owned and operated outfit is Aloha Kayak Co.

Aloha Kayak Co. is located on the Big Island with its headquarters located along Napoopoo Road in Southwest Captain Cook. However, you probably aren’t going to see them there and rather meet at one of their launching points, the most popular of which is at the docks at Kealakekua Bay. This kayaking tour outfit first started undertaking guided tours in 1996 and has remained under the same ownership since then.

What sets Aloha Kayak Co. apart from other kayaking tours in the outfit, and how they have remained in business with such an outstanding record, is their commitment to friendly service and providing expert insights into each and every one of their destinations. The owner still handmakes lunches for the group and guides are happy to answer all of your questions about the unique historic locations they have included in their itineraries. 

The three big kayaking tours that Aloha Kayak Co. offers are: 

Kealakekua Bay to Captain Cook Monument Tour
This is by far their most popular tour as it combines kayaking with unique Hawaii history and snorkeling in an outstanding Big Island location. There are also technically two different tour options within this location. You can choose to do a 3.5 hour morning or afternoon tour or a longer five-hour tour that takes place on alternating days and is more of an all-day event. The shorter tour offers only an hour of snorkeling with the longer one offering more time in the water and a bit more information on the historic Captain Cook Monument that is the highlight of the tour.

Keauhou Sea Cave Tour
This kayak tour launches from Keauhou Bay (which is just a bit north of Kealakekua Bay) and heads south to where a large series of lava tube caves are nestled within the cliffsides. The guide will showcase some of the more interesting caves and how they were used by ancient Hawaiians. The Keauhou Sea Cave Tour also features a short snorkeling adventure. 

Manta Ray Tour
The Manta Ray Tour with Aloha Kayak Co. is truly unique. You’ll start this adventure after dusk and head out with your experienced guide into waters known to be popular with manta rays. Then it’s into the water you go as powerful lights are used to lure plankton, the food source of manta rays, close to the ocean’s surface and thereby lure the manta rays close. On nights where they are active (which admittedly is not all), guests on this tour will get to enjoy actually swimming in the water with these peaceful creatures. 

Note, a few years ago, Aloha Kayak Co. seemed to be going through staffing problems as several reviewers cited their tour guides had been no show on their day of launch. This situation appeared to have been remedied last year, but recent reviews have cited that dropped tours are happening again. As such, hesitant bookers might want to call to clarify and get more information about the exact launching details before making their reservation.