Kaaloa’s Super J’s

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5.0 / 5
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Kaaloa’s Super J is the place to go when you’re hankering for homecooked Hawaiian classics. A family-owned and operated joint, this Captain Cook eatery uses recipes passed down through the generations to create scratch-made fare to remember. Then, they serve it all up with a touch of sass and all the aloha in the world to ensure you feel right at home.

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

When only homecooked Hawaiian classics will hit the spot, get on over to Kaaloa’s Super J for a bite to eat. At this family-owned and operated joint in Captain Cook, the team uses time-honored recipes passed down through the generations to create every dish. On top of that, they hand select all the best fresh, local ingredients, ensuring you always get the finest foods on demand.

The results are phenomenal, too, bringing people in from far and wide on the regular. In fact, their Chicken Laulau is so good that it earned them a spot on Food Network’s top show, ‘Best Thing I Ever Ate.’ Rich, tender, and oh-so-delicious, this dish definitely encapsulates what they’re all about at this eatery. What they’re not, however, is fast. They’re a small family business, after all, and put their all into creating each dish. So, you’d better plan to spend time kicking around while they carefully cook up each item in your order.

Fortunately, you’ll feel right at home upon walking through the doors, making it easy to settle in for the long haul. Warm alohas will come your way instantly along with invitations to come up to the counter and put in your order. Once you do that, you can settle in at the cafeteria-style seating and join all the friendly chatter all around. Their open kitchen allows you to watch while all the magic happens as well.

If they’re not too busy, you can even ask questions about their approach to making homecooked goodness. Just be ready for jokes galore and a little bit of sassiness while chatting with their staff. The light-hearted banter only serves to make you feel like a part of the family, especially as they infuse it all with plenty of alohas.

Local favorites include:

Chicken Laulau
For a taste of their signature dish, treat yourself to the Chicken Laulau, for sure. This dish begins with their secret recipe and the freshest ingredients around. Then, they wrap up their scrumptious chicken in taro leaves and steam it for up to 12 hours. The chicken comes out unbelievably tender and flavorful every time, pairing perfectly with their mac salad.

Kalua Pork
The Kalua Pork serves as a fantastic way to satisfy your cravings for all the best Hawaiian flavors. They cook their pork in an imu, allowing it to slowly roast until ultra-tender. Then, they sauté cabbage until equally decadent and toss it with their shredded pork.

Lomi Lomi Salmon
The Lomi Lomi Salmon pairs beautifully with all their dishes, especially if you get it with white rice. While they keep their exact recipe close to their vest, onion, tomato, and lime flavors elevate the fresh salmon just right. Just be sure to pour it over your rice before digging in to go on an unforgettable culinary journey.

If you fall in love with their delicious fare, stop by for their frozen Pork or Chicken Laulau right before catching your flight home. You just have to pack the items in a cooler to ensure they stay good to go while traveling. You can then pop the items in your freezer and enjoy yet another taste of Hawaii whenever cravings arise. They don’t ship out their delicacies, of course, so you’ll just have to come back for more when you run out.

Insider Tips:
-For the restroom, go out the side door to the left of the register, and then follow the building to the right.
-Planning a large gathering? Come in for scrumptious meats by the pound. They also sell their regular and mini laulau by the bag if you wish.
-If you’re in a hurry, call to put in your order before leaving your hotel. They will have everything boxed up and ready to go by the time you arrive.