Reel Aloha Poke & Fish Co.

Reel Aloha Poke & Fish Co.: The Freshest Poke in Hawaii
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5.0 / 5
The Bottom Line:

A hidden gem in Kealakekua serving the freshest poke on the Big Island is Reel Aloha Poke and Fish Co. They serve delicious, locally sourced poke and fish.

- The Local Expert Team

If you are looking for the best restaurant in Hawaii for poke, you have to try a little hidden gem in Kealakekua. It’s Reel Aloha Poke and Fish Co. and their mission is really simple. To serve delicious, beautifully healthy poke and fish that is always fresh and always local. This casual market cafe-style establishment may not be fancy, but it doesn’t matter one bit. It’s the food that generates return customers time and time again. Reel Aloha Poke & Fish Co. is serving the freshest, healthiest, locally sourced food, and it is fantastic. They are most well known for their sensationally prepared poke and poke bowls. Poke may make you think of sushi, also made with raw fish, but traditionally sushi is Japanese, and poke is Hawaiian. Poke is actually one of the main dishes of Hawaiian cuisine. It is carefully diced or cubed raw fish served either as an appetizer or a main course. Raw fish is seasoned and served with rice and veggies. And we’re here to tell you that this is the best place to enjoy the best poke you’ll ever taste!  

The fresh poke used at Reel Aloha and Fish Co. is usually caught the same day and the fruits and veggies are found nearby at local farmer’s markets. It’s all about fresh, and it’s all about local. Carrots, tomatoes avocado, onions garlic, herbs, and other fresh vegetables compliment the poke perfectly. The fare is simple, it’s colorful, it’s healthy, and it’s delicious. The rainbow of colors is as beautiful, too making the experience more enjoyable. You might consider it a colorful feast for your senses. Whether you stay and eat in the small dining area or get a grab-and-go meal to enjoy on a sunny day by the beautiful ocean, both first-timers and poke fans will immediately see and taste why folks return multiple times a week to get their poke fix. Impressive to say the least! 

The poke here is, melt in your mouth, unbelievable! 

Poke bowls
One choice of poke, one scoop of rice, and one side

Poke plate
Two choices of poke, two scoops of rice, and two sides

Poke salad
Two choices of poke topped over fresh salad greens and vegetables 

Choices of Poke on the Reel Aloha Poke and Fish Menu: 

Soy sauce based with a hint of fresh cracked pepper

Fresh buttery avocado mixed with crab and a small hint of spice

A traditional lomi style poke with fresh tomatoes and onions

Every single item on the menu is fresh, never ever frozen, and the owners are experts in preparing this scrumptious fare. Although Reel Aloha Poke and Fish Co. is located off the beaten path and smaller than other popular area restaurants, there is usually a line out the door. We say that is truly the first sign of really great food. Many of the menu items may be new to you and that’s ok. Ask for a sample and the gracious staff will gladly let you try it before your order.

Keep in mind that in addition to regular menu items, they also have specials and features of the day plus beautifully fresh grab-and-go meals for those who are in a hurry. But it’s important to remember that you are on the Big Island and every minute spent in this tropical paradise should be enjoyed and savored, one wonderful second at a time. It’s the aloha way, and it’s also the way of life at Reel Aloha Poke Fish & Co.

Insider Tip:
If available, the poke nachos are delicious and meant to share. Follow Reel Poke & Fish Co. on social media platforms for updated specials.