Wizard Stones – The Stones of Life

See Legends Come to Life at Oahu’s Wizard Stones
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Looking to experience a special part of Oahu's history and culture?  A popular landmark for locals and visitors alike, the ancient Wizard Stones embody all the inimitable magic—literal and figurative—of this remarkable island and its people.

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

Located right in the heart of Waikiki on Kuhio Beach near the Duke Kahanamoku Statue, Oahu’s Wizard Stones are the embodiment of the island’s rich and vibrant culture. Also known as Na Pohaku Ola Kapaemahu a Kapuni or The Stones of Life, these four massive lava rocks have quite a story to tell. 

Hawaii is rich in legends, and the Wizard Stones are regarded as a true treasure.  As local lore has it, four wizards ventured to Oahu from Tahiti thousands of years ago. They didn’t come empty-handed, however. They also brought their healing powers with them.

Soon enough, the island’s residents started benefiting from the wizards’ magic as their aches, pains, and other maladies began to disappear. But the wizard never intended to stay. Instead, they wanted to share their gifts with the islanders. Their only request in return? That the people build a monument in their honor.

The legend continues that thousands of residents came together one moonlit night to move these huge stones to the spot where the wizards had lived.  The wizards then spent weeks endowing them with their healing powers. While the stones have since been moved and fenced in for their protection and preservation, people continue to return to them to benefit from their healing powers. 

When you visit the Wizard Stones, you’ll also have the chance to read the story for yourself. Mounted on the base of the platform is a plaque which details the legend in both Hawaiian and English. Viewing the stones, reading the story, and seeing that people still pay homage to them offers a unique vantage point for enriching your understanding of the unique history of the Hawaiian Islands, its amazing culture, and wonderful people. 

But even if history isn’t your thing, a stop by the Wizard Stones is worth it. They’re located in a beautiful area of downtown Waikiki. This busy beach walk is populated by lots of shops, restaurants, and other things to see and do. 

Looking for a great photo op? You’ll find that here, too.

Insider Tips:
-Want to pay your respects to the Wizards in Waikiki like the locals do? Bring a flower lei to place on the stones. This tradition derives from a related legend: that King Kalakaua’s sister Prince Likelike used to do the same before taking a swim in the ocean.
-Looking for a place to take in some surf action, or to get in some surfing of your own? This is a favorite spot for many surfers. For the best waves, make sure to go in the morning. 
-Keep in mind that while the Wizard Stones may look like normal rocks, they’re sacred to the Hawaiian people…and they’re fenced off for a reason! Tempted to climb something? For extraordinary views that won’t offend the locals, consider climbing majestic Diamond Head instead.