The Escape Game Honolulu

The Escape Game Honolulu – Overcome the Challenges with Your Team in Oahu
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If you love thinking through challenges and working as a team, The Escape Game at Ala Moana is right up your alley. Located in the heart of Waikiki, this entertainment venue never fails to bring people together to reach a common goal: Solve each puzzle to get out of the room before the timer buzzes. Although it’s perfect for ages 13 and up, little ones are welcome to tag along.

- The Local Expert Team

When you want to put your mind to the test, set your sights on The Escape Game Honolulu. Located in Waikiki, this popular entertainment venue rolls out the challenges in an attempt to keep you from beating the buzzer. If you can solve the puzzles and find the way out within 60 minutes, you’ll walk away with endless bragging rights.

You won’t do it alone, however. Each escape room is built for 8 to 12 players, ensuring you have plenty of brainpower on your side. Together, you’ll need to find the clues, decipher what they mean, and solve the puzzles to figure out just how to escape. You’re also welcome to show up with a full group if you already have your dream team. But if you need some help in that department, the Escape Game Honolulu room staff will partner you with enough players to fill the room.  

At this location, you have six escape rooms to consider. Each one has a different theme, putting you in interesting locales and time periods, like the 1800s California gold rush. Each room also has a backstory, which could help you solve the puzzles if you’re lucky. The challenges are perfect for ages 13 and up, but you’re welcome to bring along your little ones if you’d like.  

Upon getting locked in, you have just 60 minutes to complete the mission given to you and make your escape. If you get stuck, you can ask your Game Guide for as many hints as you need. So, ask early and often if it’s your first time trying out an escape room. Experienced players might want to try to go the whole time without asking for one hint.

Keep in mind, though, that you’re not totally locked in each escape room once you start the game. You’re welcome to use the exit button to open the door at any time if you feel like you need to leave. The crew will also be standby ready to let you know it’s time to exit if an emergency occurs in any other part of the building.

The most popular games at The Escape Game Honolulu are:

Made for up to 12 players, the Playground will have you swinging, sliding, and racing to complete all your assignments before the final bell rings for summer vacation. Despite the school setting, the puzzles won’t be like anything you’ve ever done during your educational journey. 

The Depths
The Depths puts eight players inside an abandoned laboratory under the sea and on the hunt for the missing researcher. Mysterious experiments, interesting creatures, and other surprises will provide plenty of wow moments while you work through each puzzle.

Prison Break
Prison Break is one of the most difficult escape rooms onsite and for good reason. Your group will have to work together despite being in two different prison cells—and you’ll need to sneak into the warden’s office to complete your mission and get out of there.  

You’re strongly advised to reserve your spot ahead of your visit. You can view and book the game times online through their website. Want to play a game after midnight? Just click to the next day for late-night time slots. On your appointment date, arrive at least 10 minutes early to give yourself enough time to check in at the front desk. You won’t be able to start until your entire group arrives, so be sure to encourage everyone to get there on time.

Insider Tips:
-If you need to park your car, just go to the Ala Moana parking garage.
-You can split payments for your group by giving the escape room team a call to reserve your spots.
-Looking for the perfect team-building exercise? You’re welcome to book a visit at The Escape Game Honolulu for large groups of up to 52 people.