Top 12 Best Coffee Shops in Oahu

Whenever you want to kick your day into high gear, all you have to do is stop by one of Oahu’s many amazing coffee shops. Located at every corner of the island, these quaint shops offer a quick pick-me-up and smiles to last a lifetime. Plus, many offer a chance to buy beans to brew up for yourself long after returning home. Ready to find all the top coffee shops in Oahu? Just use this guide to figure out where to go.

Kona Coffee Purveyors

When nothing else will do but pure Hawaiian coffee, set your sights on a visit to Kona Coffee Purveyors. Located in the International Marketplace, this coffee shop only uses 100% Kona beans to brew espresso, cortado, and so much more. Want a sweet coffee treat? Try their Kona Affogato, for sure. They also sell their beans by the ¼ pound, allowing you to take home all the top varieties like Hualalai Estate and Kona Peaberry.

Arvo Café

For a hip coffee shop experience, you cannot go wrong with a trip to Arvo Café. You’ll find this swanky spot right on the corner of the SALT at Our Kakaako shopping mall. Upon walking through the doors, the bold scent of coffee will delight your senses, as will all the live plants sprawling across the space. Every last cup of Joe gets made using Sightglass Espresso from San Francisco, including their ever-popular Lavender Latte.

Hawaiian Aroma Caffe

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Whenever you’re in Ohana East, jet on over to Hawaiian Aroma Caffe for the ultimate modern coffee shop experience. At this shop, you’ll find cozy seating areas built with your relaxation in mind. On top of that, they have all the best hot and iced coffee drinks, including Caramel Macchiatos. For the brightest, boldest flavors, go with their specialty items like the Dolce & Banana, a banana chocolate mocha made with love.

Local Joe

When you want a no-nonsense coffee experience, Local Joe is the way to go. Set in Honolulu’s Arts District, this local favorite roasts their own 100% Hawaiian coffee beans and then uses them to brew truly impressive drinks. Each day, they use a different roast, too, so every drink comes out tasting completely unique at each visit. Want to try their most popular drink? Order Marc’s Malabar Mocha for the perfect blend of espresso, crème de cacao, dark chocolate, and caramel flavors.

Ali’i Coffee

At Ali’i Coffee in Honolulu, you can savor all the coffee flavors of the world, including 100% Kona beans. Their talented baristas brew up each cup to perfection and then top it with an imaginative latte design. Their signature lattes are where it’s at, with options like Hilo Honey, Dirty Masala Chai Latte, and Taro Ube Latte. When you’re in the mood for a cold brew, go with The “King” for a chocolate and coconut flavor explosion.  

The Curb Kaimuki

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Right off Waialae, you can find coffee perfection awaiting your visit to The Curb Kaimuki. At this multi-roaster shop, specialty coffee is the name of the game. They have cappuccinos, macchiatos, and everything in between, plus specialty drinks galore. If you’re not sure what to get, treat yourself to The George. Known as their “original jammer,” this drink features a double shot of espresso, five grams of chocolate, and four ounces of milk, shaken and put in a jam jar.

Green World Coffee Farm

At Green World Coffee Farm, the crew does things a little differently than the rest. For starters, they buy green beans from Hawaiian farms and then roast a new batch daily. On top of that, they happily give out samples and offer tours of their Wahiawa farm to all their visitors. After that, you’re welcome to buy a drink to sip at your leisure and beans to take on the road. If you’re in the mood for sweets, ask about their Coffee Slushie.

Honolulu Coffee Experience Center

If you want to go on a deep dive into the world of coffee, head on over to the Honolulu Coffee Experience Center. Located on Kalakaua Avenue, this 9,000-square-foot center allows visitors to explore the Kona coffee roasting process from beginning to end. After that journey, visitors can stop by the café for a freshly brewed coffee of their choosing, such as the Brown Sugar Rosemary Latte. In this drink, woodsy flavors pair with sugary sweetness and bold coffee notes to create the flavor experience of a lifetime.

Island Brew Coffeehouse

Since 2012, Island Brew Coffeehouse has been proudly serving up innovative coffee drinks to all their visitors. They have multiple locations across Oahu, each one serving 100% Hawaiian coffee elevated by smart ingredient pairings. Their seasonal drinks are their most popular items, especially during the holiday season. Red Velvet Mochas, Salted Caramel Macchiatos, and White Rose Lattes never fail to delight with their sweet notes in every last sip.

Coffee Gallery

Cup after cup of artisanal coffee awaits your arrival at the Coffee Gallery in Haleiwa. This shop only uses 100% Hawaiian coffee roasted by hand on the North Shore of Oahu to create all their drinks. They sell their signature roasts by the bag in addition to brewing up coffee on demand.  Although all their drinks are as good as the last, don’t miss the chance to try the Mocha Freeze. This icy cold sweet treat comes packed full of rich chocolate and coffee flavors that you’ll never want to end.

Knots Coffee Roasters At Queen

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While on Waikiki, take the time to zip on over to Knots Coffee Roasters at Queen for a refreshing drink on the go. This coffee shop and wine bar have all the drinks you’ll need to enjoy your beachside adventures to the fullest. Their baristas make a mean cup of craft coffee and then spice it up with your milk and flavor additions of choice. If you’d like to keep it simple, go with a single-origin 100% Maui pour-over with just a little milk and sugar.

Island Vintage Coffee

Another Waikiki favorite, Island Vintage Coffee specializes in creating memorable 100% Kona coffee drinks to order. They expertly brew whatever beans suit your fancy and then transform them into lattes, Americanos, mochas, and so much more. If you prefer to skip the cow’s milk, they have many plant-based specialty drinks as well, such as their Premium Matcha Latte made with green tea and oat milk.

Although you might find your favorite shop on the first try, it’s well worth working your way through to the end of the list. With that move, you can find many great coffee shops to visit as you go on all your Oahu adventures. You’ll also get to experience all the different ways local shops brew and serve their beans, making your island visit even more magical.