6 Ultimate Swimming Spots for the Family in Oahu

When it comes to swimming on Oahu, there are several swimming locations and beaches to choose from. In fact, Oahu is known for its award winning beaches and pristine beauty of the waters. When it comes to the best spots to swim with the family, however, which spots are going to have everything that you need? While every swimming location is different and offers a different range of amenities in Oahu, there are 6 ultimate swimming spots to take the kids to enjoy a truly exciting day in the water.

Here are 6 swimming spots great for families in Oahu:

Waikiki Beach

Waikiki Beach is Oahu’s most popular beach with a 2-mile stretch of white sand and many different sections to choose from. Activities here range from paddle-boarding to canoeing to surfing! Lifeguards are posted here throughout, so feel safe to partake in some watersport activities. The great plus about this beach as well is that it is extremely close to everything! If you feel the need to go shopping for a new swimsuit before you hit the water, there are several stores lined up by the beach. If you feel the need to get a bite after playing around in the beach all day, head to a nearby restaurant like Hula Grill Waikiki.

Waimanalo Bay Beach Park

A good boogie-boarding beach, Waimanalo Beach Bay Park is a great beach to bring the kids. Lifeguards are stationed here as well as picnic tables, restrooms, and showers to rinse off at! This beach is definitely less crowded than Waikiki, but that’s part of its charm. Come here for a relaxing and calm splash in the water with the family while still having all of the necessary amenities to have a great day at the beach. Dogs are also permitted here as long as they are on a leash, so feel free to bring your furry friend!

Ala Moana Beach

Photo Credit by @urbehawaii on Instagram

A popular swimming location, Ala Moana Beach offers lifeguards and shallow swimming opportunities! Calm waters invite you in as you swim laps around the ocean. Feel free to enjoy the public restrooms and showers as well after a fun day in the sun with your little ones. Head for a nice jog or walk along this beach after a swim, this spot is the perfect walking beach since there aren’t an overwhelming amount of people.

Halona Beach Cove

Although there are no lifeguards stationed here, Halona Beach Cove is a unique swimming experience that you just can’t get most places. Only swim here when the waters are calm and not when the surf is up, and always keep an eye on your children while playing in the water here. This beach is sometimes referred to as “Secret Beach” or “Eternity Beach” due to its hidden accessibility from the road and famous debut in a well-known movie.

Chuns Reef

Photo Credit by @sas_ku_ on Instagram

Great for swimming as well as snorkeling and surfing, Chuns Reef is a beach that not most people know about. There’s a freshwater pond ideal for small children as well as an abundance of waterplay activities for the older folks. You’ll often find surfers and surfing schools here as the waters boast great opportunities for learning (and this beach is known for its surfing history.)

Moku Nui

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Kayak to Moku Nui from Oahu roughly an hour and a half distance and take part in an otherworldly experience. Although heading to this swimming location does take a little bit more effort, it is completely worth it as you spot wildlife on your way to another small island. Hop into the small bath (with caution) and witness the water break against the charcoal colored lava.

Whether you decide to head to a beach or try something different, Oahu has many opportunities in choosing the best swimming locations for you and the family. Rest assured that there are several locations to stay safe and still enjoy all of the water activities that this island has to offer. So, pack your swimsuits and head out to the water! You’re going to fall in love with the waters of Oahu.