Ultimate Air Maui

Open Air Maui-Indoor Trampoline Park for All Ages and Abilities
The Bottom Line:

Ultimate Air Trampoline Park in Wailuku offers safe, cool, fun jumping experiences for people of all ages and abilities. Walk-ins are welcomed, but reservations ensure you may jump when you arrive. The trampoline park is indoors and has a multitude of trampolines to try acrobatic maneuvers or slam-dunking a basketball. There is also a foam pit to fall into and an area to play dodge ball. Outside food and drink are not allowed, but they have a concession stand to satisfy your hunger and thirst.

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

If you’re like us, your mom probably told you, “No jumping on the bed!” But who could resist, right? Most of us love the sensation of flying into the air like a bird! If this sounds like you and your crew, you must investigate Ultimate Air Trampoline Park. 
Ultimate Air is in Wailuku, Maui, and has received top reviews on TripAdvisor and Yelp. While walk-ins are welcomed, they advise making a reservation to ensure your jump time. 

What is unique about Ultimate Air is that there are no age or weight restrictions. But to keep jumpers safe, the staff designates areas for specific ages and abilities. This practice keeps infants and toddlers safe, and lets daredevils have fun. 

The trampoline park is in a giant building where trampolines are arranged side-by-side throughout the room. Some have angled ends to allow jumpers to try acrobatics like flips. There are basketball hoops where participants can slam dunk like their favorite NBA star. Also, at Ultimate Air, there are foam pits jumpers may fall into and an area set aside for dodge ball. 

Visitors report that Ultimate Air is clean and the temperature is kept cool. This is important since jumping burns calories and heats the body. While you can’t bring in food and drinks, they do have a concession area to enjoy. 

Ultimate Air is open seven days a week with designated times for specific ages and abilities. Be sure to check their website for special times and pricing. The trampoline park is also available to reserve for birthday parties and special events. For these, you can bring in cakes, cookies, or cupcakes for your guests. 

Be sure to check out their weekly specials. How about an aerobics class on Tuesday evenings? All ages and abilities are welcome, but you must make a reservation. Friday evening is “Glow Night”! The lights are dimmed, and black lights highlight the LED-colored lights outlining the trampolines. Additional colored lights add to the fun of bouncing and jumping on Glow Night. 

If you have someone with special needs or sensory challenges, look into the park’s Tuesday package. Deal hunters will jump on Mondays for the BOGO (buy one, get one) deal during special times. Another great bargain is Thursday’s Happy Hour. For one price, you get unlimited jumping for six hours. That’s a lot of acrobatics!

For a great time that’s easy on the wallet, we highly recommend Ultimate Air. The trampoline park offers fantastic packages for the entire family and is well-managed and well-maintained. And with special weekly deals for all ages and abilities, Ultimate Air provides a cool break from the sun and surf. 

Insider Tip:
You’ll need to purchase Ultimate Air Socks to jump at Ultimate Air. They’re inexpensive, and you can reuse them on return visits. Should you be visiting Maui for a month, be sure to ask Ultimate Air about monthly passes.