Sea Scooter Snorkeling Maui

Sea Scooter Snorkeling-Handheld Scooter And Small Groups!
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4 / 5
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Sea Scooter Snorkeling offers small group trips from shore that utilize handheld scooters. These propulsion devices are easy to operate and pull snorkelers safely through the warm water. There is no age restriction, although you must be able to swim to participate. 

- The Local Expert Team

It’s no secret that Maui is rich with outdoor beauty. One such splendor is the ocean. With water temperatures averaging 75-80° year-round and underwater visibility about 100’, snorkeling is a big draw for tourists. Nearby reefs are teeming with vibrant colored tropical fish, rays, turtles, and the elusive eel. 

For many, snorkeling is intimidating or too frightening an adventure to consider. If you’re such a person, then we have good news for you: Sea Scooter Snorkeling! If you can swim (which is one of their requirements), they can teach you how to snorkel and answer any questions you may have about the sport. 

With so many snorkeling companies to choose from, we believe Sea Scooter Snorkeling should be your first consideration, and here’s why:

The Scooter
Now before you picture yourself riding on a submersible Vespa, think again! These scooters are handheld propulsion devices that pull you through the water. They are easy to operate, save your legs from kicking fatigue, and cover great distances underwater. Their top speed is 2.5 MPH which is perfect for cruising around reefs.

No boats
One of the dreads of snorkeling with chartered groups is the long boat ride out to the reefs. Sea Scooter Snorkeling has a different approach: they start their tours from the beach. Instead of battling seasickness and crowded skiffs, you wade into the tepid water from the shore. Here, your instructor demonstrates how to operate your scooter and use a mask and snorkel. 

Gear is provided
You won’t need to pack your snorkeling gear for the flight to Hawaii or rent once at Maui. Aside from the essential mask, fin, and snorkel, they provide a life jacket and a multi-person inflatable stand-up paddleboard. The board comes in handy for snorkelers to rest on before heading back for more underwater sightseeing.

Small groups
Many snorkeling packages make you feel like a sardine, both on the boat and in the water. They cram as many people as possible onto the boat. Once in the water, you stand the chance of being accidentally kicked, not to mention numerous swimmers scaring away sea creatures. Sea Scooter Snorkeling takes out a minimum of two snorkelers, with eight being the maximum, and provides two guides. 

Private tours
If you want a trip your family or business associates will remember for a lifetime, consider booking a private tour. It’ll be your entourage, the guides, and the beautiful reef.

Rave reviews
If you don’t believe our word about the excellent service Sea Scooter Snorkeling provides, then trust the reviews on sites like TripAdvisor. Visitors praise the instructors who are knowledgeable and friendly. All comment about how fun, easy, and thrilling it was snorkeling with a scooter.

Sea Scooter Snorkeling is perfect for individuals intimidated about snorkeling and the physical rigors necessary to dive and kick. Seasoned snorkelers will also love the thrill riding a scooter brings, enabling them to experience a new sense of freedom and exploration. 

Insider Tip:
Sea Scooter Snorkeling doesn’t provide food, so be sure to eat a good breakfast and bring plenty of water. Also, have cash on hand for tipping the snorkel guides.