Maui Swap Meet

Maui Swap Meet - Open-Air Market with Fresh Food, Art, Souvenirs
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4 / 5
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Maui Swap Meet is an open-air market with vendors and artisans. Guests will find everything from fresh vegetables and fruit to Christmas ornaments and handmade arts and crafts. Admission is $.50 a person, while children twelve and under are free. There is plenty of free parking but be sure to park in the correct area. If not, authorities may fine or tow your car.  

- The Local Expert Team

Bargain hunters and deal-makers will want to make sure they get to the Maui Swap Meet! 
It’s the largest outdoor market in Maui and has been going strong since 1981.

Every Saturday, the Maui Swap Meet is in Kahului on the rear parking lot of the UH Maui College. Admission is $.50 a person, but children twelve and under are free. There is plenty of free parking across from the Maui Swap Meet. Be sure you’re in the correct lot. If not, you may get towed or ticketed.

Maui Swap Meet is not an actual swap meet in that you barter and trade with vendors. Nor is it a low-end flea market selling tacky souvenirs and knickknacks. Think of it more like a market or an open-air shopping mall with a wide selection of quality vendors and products. 

Locals come to Maui Swap Meet to buy fresh vegetables and fruits, as do tourists in the know. Staples like lettuce, tomatoes, onions, avocados, and many others are available.
You’ll even find exotic vegetables like seedless Japanese eggplant that’s banana-shaped.

Fresh fruit is bountiful. Guests will discover booths piled high with bananas, organic bananas, mangos, dragon fruit, melons…the list goes on and on. 

Countless vendors are selling homemade treats, bread, and other sundries. One standout was a vendor who made lilikoi bread. The customer said it was so moist and delicious that they devoured one loaf while shopping and returned to purchase one for the road. Maui Swap Meet is also known for having the best fresh banana bread.

If you’re looking for bargain souvenirs or gifts, Maui Swap Meet has plenty of artisans and vendors from which to choose. Items include T-shirts, hats, keychains, candles, Hawaiian shirts, to name but a few. 

Artists sell everything from paintings to carvings to folk art. Even a metalwork artist’s handmade art is great for any decor. 

Christmas lovers will want to pick up some handmade ornaments to adorn their tree or gift to family and friends. 

Food trucks and food vendors are scattered throughout Maui Swap Meet, so bring your appetite. 

Some visitors said the prices seemed high but added that this could be an economic response to COVID-19. Others countered that some T-shirts were of better quality and price than those in retail shops.

Most guests said that the vendors weren’t pushy or using high-pressure tactics, while some mentioned several who were persistent. But since everyone has a different comfort zone for such encounters, we’ll err on the side of saying you’ll have an enjoyable shopping experience at Maui Swap Meet. 

If you’re looking for an inexpensive but fun Saturday excursion filled with vendors, artisans, foods, and treats, head on over to the Maui Swap Meet. 

Insider Tips:
-Arrive early for the best deals and to avoid the heat.
-Bring sunscreen, water, a hat, or an umbrella since there isn’t much shade.
-There aren’t any bathrooms, but there are port-o-potties available.