Maui Specialty Chocolates

Maui Specialty Chocolates – Serving Decadent Sweet Treats Made Fresh Daily in Kahului
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4 / 5
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Are you looking for truly decadent sweet treats made by hand each and every day? If so, you need to jet on into Maui Specialty Chocolates in Kahului to see what they’re serving up. With mochi, chocolate clusters, and so much more on their shelves, they always have a little something for everyone. 

- The Local Expert Team

When you want handmade chocolates created using local ingredients, definitely put a visit to Maui Specialty Chocolates on your itinerary. You’ll have to go directly to the source to get a taste since they don’t sell their sweet treats to any retailers. In fact, they don’t deliver or ship their products either. Thankfully, it’s always worth making the trip over to their family-owned and operated shop in the heart of Kahului.

Talented chocolatier Valerie and her husband, Anthony, started their shop way back in 1990 and have been going strong ever since. Their mission to serve Maui the finest chocolates around started with handcrafted gifts for family and friends. As their loved ones got a taste of Valerie’s creations, they urged her to sell them to the public – and the rest is history.

Valerie continues to make all their goodies by hand each day, ensuring that all their items impress at first glance. To this day, her efforts center around creating fresh chocolate using local ingredients. She goes all out in creating island-inspired fare, like their ever-popular dolphin-, whale-, and pineapple-shaped chocolates. On top of that, there’s Mint Flavored Chocolates, Rocky Road, and so much more. They even have mochi, allowing you to enjoy a fun fusion of flavors in every bite.

If you want a wide selection of mochi, you’ll need to drop by early in the day. They tend to sell out well before noon, after all, as people come in from far and wide for a taste. If you manage to get what you want, plan to eat all your mochi the day you buy them. If that’s not possible, keep them cool in the fridge and they’ll last one to two days longer. You can also freeze your mochi, and then thaw them on the counter whenever you want another bite.  

Swing by to enjoy their:

For a sweet bite of pure heaven featuring lusciously smooth filling in the center, get the Mochi, for sure. They only have three flavors available: Peanut Butter & Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate Truffle, and Azuki. But they’re all you need to satisfy your sweet tooth. For a nice variety, get a five-piece box of each flavor.

Rocky Road
When you want a smorgasbord of nutty, chocolate-y, marshmallow-y deliciousness, the Rocky Road is the way to go. This sweet treat begins with their handmade milk or dark chocolate. To that, they add a mix of mac nuts, marshmallows, and crispy rice cereal before forming them into bite-sized pieces.

Dipped Red Vines
If you simply cannot decide between fruit and chocolate flavors, let the Dipped Red Vines win you over. They make this popular treat by dipping regular red vines into their rich milk or dark chocolate. Then, once it’s set up, they wrap them up in six-ounce packages, giving you plenty enough to enjoy on your own or with a friend.

Want to pick up a gift or two during your visit? Take your items to the next level with their custom gift wrap. For an extra charge, they’re happy to put your items in small or large decorated bags. Or they can wrap them up in cello adorned with a ribbon. If you’d like to create your own selection of gifts, ask to put them in an Aloha Soup Mug or on a decorative plate before wrapping it all up.

Insider Tips:
-If you have your heart set on only one type of mochi, call ahead of time to see if they still have it available before you head out the door. You can also call the day before to put in your order ahead of time.
-All their treats are sensitive to the heat, so plan to take them back to the hotel before resuming your island adventures.
-When you simply cannot decide what to order, go with a gift box. Their samplers come with a taste of all their most popular offerings, taking you on a candy-filled journey to remember.