Maui Goat Yoga

Maui Goat Yoga -- Yoga With Miniature Goats in Maui's Upcountry
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4 / 5
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Maui Goat Yoga takes yoga and makes it fun with animals. Head here to enjoy an energizing yoga session admits playful miniature goats and atop a mountain overlooking some of Maui's most gorgeous landscapes.  

- The Local Expert Team

Sure, yoga’s great and all — but have you ever found it a bit boring? Has it lost its joy for you? Maybe you’re hungry for something more, some type of wonder? If so, then do we know the perfect location for you. Enter Maui Goat Yoga.

Simply named, Maui Goat Yoga is just what it says it is. This is a Maui business that has merged the art of yoga with the charm of miniature goats. Yes, goats. At Maui Goat Yoga, you can sign up for individual yoga classes to enjoy a unique experience getting your stretches in alongside curious hoofed fellows.

The use of goats in combination with yoga classes is not something unique to this location. Goat yoga has actually become something of a trend in recent years with the first known occurrence of it happening in 2016 at an Oregon farm. That farmer, Lainey Morse, had already been throwing a regular “goat happy hour” in which she invited people to relax and enjoy laughing at the antics of her goats when her yoga instructor suggested mixing in some yoga poses. The resultant classes were a huge success and soon others across the country were joining in on the combo idea.

Maui Goat Yoga was a pretty quick addition to the goat yoga trend, with their having started their first miniature goat classes in September of 2017. But they also have a big advantage over most other places in the country that have hopped on the trend: An outstanding location. Maui Goat Yoga takes place on top of a large mountainous ridge in the Upcountry area. While enjoying your yoga class, you will be surrounded with fantastic views of the oceans, hilly tropical forests, and the towering cap of Haleakala. 

But maybe we should go back to the goats for a second. The reason why Maui Goat Yoga and others use goats is because of their funny and curious attitudes. These little creatures are downright adorable and charming. They love to play with attendants during and after the yoga sessions, and many will just come up to snuggle with you. Practicing yoga with goats is a wonderful way to further reduce stress and improve your overall mental and emotional state. Goats are fun and funny and simply add to the enjoyment of what is already an outstanding activity.

Maui Goat Yoga only takes class reservations on a class-by-class basis. This means there are no group discounts or weekly or monthly passes. There is a discount for those with a valid Hawaiian ID or other proof of residency. Whether you’re local or a visitor, you will have to reserve your spot as these classes tend to fill quickly, and the instructors do change some aspects of the course depending upon class size. 

Once you have made your reservation, you are golden with one exception. Rainfall. The goats at Maui Goat Yoga apparently hate the rain and won’t come out to play for anything more than the slightest of rainfall. The good news is that the business is very open with this and offering rescheduling. 

Finally, there are a few tips to keep in mind if this is your first miniature goat and yoga experience. First, wear clothes you don’t mind getting smelly, dirty, or sticky. The tiny goats love licking on things, including clothing, and unfortunately, goat accidents do occur in the practice area (although they are quickly cleaned up). Wearing casual clothes that you don’t mind mucking up will help ensure you have the best time. You might also bring a change of clothes to throw on after your goat-yoga session. 

Insider Tips:
Maui Goat Yoga is still something of a new, informal business and because of how they are currently structured, guests only have use of on-site portapotty restrooms. While these non-permanent bathrooms are regularly cleaned and maintained, more discerning visitors might want to plan a bathroom break before they turn onto the farm.