Maui Dragon Fruit Farm

Enjoy a Fun Adventure at the Maui Dragon Fruit Farm
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4 / 5
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Spend a few hours learning about the sustainable farming habits incorporated into this 27-acre USDA-certified organic farm when visiting the Maui Dragon Fruit Farm. You can opt for a taste test tour and just enjoy all the farm has to offer in form of food, or you can try a thrilling activity like riding the aquaball downhill or trying your hand at the zipline. Either way, you are sure to have a great time on the farm. 

- The Local Expert Team

Encompassing 27 acres, the Maui Dragon Fruit Farm is a USDA-certified organic farm located about a five-minute drive from Lahaina, in West Maui. The farm specializes in growing dragon fruit along with other exotic, delicious fruit. You can enjoy specialty tours or host weddings or other events on the premises. Maui Dragon Fruit Farm is also the official location of Paradise Eco-Adventures, providing exciting adventures for the entire family. 

Maui Dragon Fruit Farm proudly continues the agricultural tradition of encouraging everyone to live prosperously while in harmony with the land. The most popular tour you can try when visiting the farm is the one-hour Tropical Fruit Tasting Walking Tour for all ages. This popular tour is ideal if you happen to love dragon fruit and want to know how it, along with other exotic fruit, are grown.

The Maui Dragon Fruit Farm successfully cultivates 16 varieties of dragon fruit, along with other tropical fruit plants. Your walking tour will include information about west Maui’s agricultural history, along with the farm’s founding story and the unique health benefits that are derived from the tropical fruit grown on-site. 

Of course, the tour will vary based on the season and what is available. Your tasting tour could include dragon fruit, pineapple, soursop, lilikoi, guava, starfruit, banana, papaya, sugarcane, fresh coconut water, and other varieties of tropical and local citrus fruit. You can even try the products made from the fruit of the land like dragon fruit jam. 

Close-toed shoes are recommended for the troll, which will take you around the farm grounds, complete with breathtaking ocean views of the majestic mountain view of West Maui mountains and the Pacific. 

Another tour option you can enjoy on your visit to Maui Dragon Fruit Farm is the Aquaball Fruit Tasting Tour. This tour with a duration of 1.5 hours is applicable for ages five and older, with a 250lb max participation limit. The huge aquaball is wet, slippery, and unique. You jump inside this inflatable aquaball and roll down a 450 feet long course, which is thrilling yet super fun and safe. You can choose your own experience by either chilling in the ball, relaxing as your ball swishes all around you, or instead, run like a hamster in the ball. If you book an aquaball experience, you can take the fruit farm tour for free, which allows you to sample all sorts of exotic fruit and learn about the farm and its history. 

The Zip Line Fruit Tasting Tour takes you high in the sky above the dragon fruit fields as you zoom down the medium range, 450 feet long, gravity-breaking zipline. Enjoy up to four zips down the Dragon Zipline with the cost of your experience. Guests often get braver as they go down the zipline more and more, leading to all sorts of fun tricks! There is a 250lb max capacity for participants and the 1.5-hour experience is designed for those aged five and older. In addition to the zipline, guests will enjoy an integrated organic farm tour of the grounds, which includes an informational guided tour and taste testing. 

The Dragon Fruit, which is the draw of this entire farm, is beautiful, nutritious, and delicious. Its juicy pulp is refreshing and presents a subtly sweet to tart taste. This tasty, natural treat is also rich in antioxidants, fiber, and vitamins and is believed to prevent diabetes, colon cancer, and neutralize toxic substances, all while reducing high blood pressure and cholesterol.

The fruit is native to South and Central America where it is called piahaya instead of dragon fruit. Hawaii has an ideal climate for dragon fruit and its production has increased within the island, made possible thanks to growers like Maui Dragon Fruit Farm. 

Insider Tips:
-The Maui Dragon Fruit Farm tour is a highly rated tour and named one of the pest plant-based tours in the area. 
-Tour guides are knowledgeable about all the plant life as well as fruit grown on the farm.