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Kai Kanani Sailing – Explore the High Seas Around Maui with a Talented Crew
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If you’re in the mood for fun and adventure, set your sights on an exciting tour with Kai Kanani Sailing. As a premier family owned and operated tour company in South Maui, this crew has what it takes to show you all the most beautiful sights around the island while keeping you safe. They take all their guests on a variety of trips using their 65-foot Kai Kanani II commercial catamaran built for the open seas.

When you come to this tour company for a day out on the water, you can pretty much choose your own adventure. If you’d like to get up close and personal with the marine life, then their snorkeling tours are the way to go, for sure. They take beginner to advanced snorkelers over to the Molokini Crater to check out the colorful reef, swim with the turtles, and see many other amazing marine creatures.

For times when you’d much rather stay planted on the boat deck, go with their sunset cruises instead. On those trips, you get to enjoy all the sights and sounds of the ocean as you navigate to the prime sunset viewing spot. Live music plays in the background, too, making it all the more magical. For even more action, you can sign up for the whale watch adventures that take you to see these magnificent creatures in all their glory.

All their tours start the same with their beachside boarding experience at Maluaka Beach. If you’re staying at a Wailea resort, they’ll send a shuttle to pick you up, and then bring you right to the beach. Otherwise, you’ll need to park in the Big Beach public parking lot.

Either way, bring a big appetite when you arrive because you’ll get delicious food and drinks galore while on the water. Decadent Hawaiian fare, tropical cocktails, and rich desserts all await your enjoyment on most trips. On top of that, the crew goes above and beyond in providing educational info about the ocean wonders you see all around. Just be sure to listen closely to their safety talks as well, so you can stay safe on all your adventures around Maui and beyond.

Fan favorites include:

Sunrise Deluxe Snorkel
When you cannot choose between snorkeling and viewing the sunrise, go with the Sunrise Deluxe Snorkel. On this 3.5-hour tour, you’ll start the day with warm cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate or coffee while watching the sun come up. Then, you’ll get to snorkel around Molokini to your heart’s content.

Adventure Sunset Sail
On the Adventure Sunset Sail, live music, an open bar, and delicious food from The Market-Maui make for a memorable trip. You’ll sail around for two full hours while enjoying the full spread until finally reaching the prime sunset viewing spot for a Sparking Rose’ toast.

Adventure Whale Watch
During the winter months, you’re welcome to join the Adventure Whale Watch for a chance to see truly amazing Pacific Humpback Whales right up close. As you jet across the water, the whales’ songs will ring out all around and you might even see them slap the water with their tails and beautifully breach the surface.

Want to plan your own special trip to your favorite spots all around Maui? Just sign up for a private charter excursion all your own. The crew will help you design your trip from top to bottom, including a full-course meal to remember. They’ll help you pinpoint your perfect target location as well plus build out an itinerary full of fun and adventure for you and your guests. To sign up, you just have to give them a call and they’ll help you begin the planning process right away.

Insider Tips:
-Whales arrive in mid-December and keep swimming through Maui waters through April. February is the best time to spot them, however.
-If you want to tip the crew, they take Venmo and cash.
-You’ll have to wade out into the water to board the boat, so wear a skirt, dress, or shorts that you can pull up above your knees. As for footwear, flip flops work best.
-Their tours fill up fast, so book your spot before you land on the island.