Hasegawa General Store

Hasegawa General Store – Offering a Time-Honored Shopping Experience in Hana
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4 / 5
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A true staple of Hana, the Hasegawa General Store offers a time-honored shopping experience, linking back to its inception in 1910. Their shop features all the best local goods around, so you can easily find wonderful souvenirs to bring back home. Plus, their aloha spirit is worth enjoying all on its own.

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

If you want to gaze into the rich history of Maui while exploring the island, put a visit to the Hasegawa General Store on your itinerary. This quaint country store lies right along the Hana Highway, serving as a staple of the community since 1910. A full rebuild of the store occurred in 1991 after all was lost in a fire – and it’s largely remained the same ever since. The exterior might seem a bit rundown as a result, but it has easily retained all its original charm.

Well-known as the oldest family-owned and operated business on the island, this store has a little bit of everything on its shelves. Branded apparel, groceries, hardware, home décor, toys, books, and many other items all await your arrival. You’ll want to allow for plenty of time to shop around and simply admire all the local goods they have on tap. Many first-time visitors find the hours slip away faster than expected as they move from aisle to aisle looking over all the amazing things for sale.

Once you fill up your basket with your selected items, head up front to the checkout stand. Their warm aloha spirit will come through as you step up to the counter with your goodies. Their cashiers always express their gratitude for every visit, often offering tips for enjoying the island to the fullest. If you have any questions about where to go in Hana, they’re happy to help with that, too.  

Their most popular items include:

Tank Tops
Although only available in men’s sizes, their tank tops are a must-get for all. They only come in all black with the store logo on the chest. But their timeless design promises to leave you wholly impressed for years to come. You’ll love packing up your tank top for all your return visits to the island.

Classic Calendars
If you want wonderful memories of your island adventures to come to mind day in and day out, get their classic wall calendar. Although a new one comes out each year, they retain their minimalist red, white, and blue design always. You’ll always have their phone numbers, address, and website on hand, too, while keeping one of their calendars in your home.

Coffee Beans
For cup after cup of their robust coffee, treat yourself to bags of their branded beans. They come in a variety of roast styles and flavors, including Dark Roast, Macadamia Nut, and Kona Blend. Their Maui Blend offers a local touch all its own though, making it a great choice if you’re not sure which one to select.

Quilting Squares
If you’re crafty, then add their Quilting Squares to your shopping cart. These squares feature beautiful tropical scenes and patterns that will look great in your next project. Their designs change often, so you can keep adding to your project with each visit to the island.

Shopping Totes
Since you’ll need a bag at checkout anyway, why not get a fun tote with their logo and tagline? They have a basic eco-friendly bag for your general items. Or you can go all out with the poly cooler bag designed to keep your picnic lunch well insulated on all your travels.

They no longer print their ever-popular maps showing all the top attractions in Hana. But you can still get the inside scoop by going to their business directory on their website. Local businesses sign up for a spot in that directory, so you can easily find all the best places to shop, dine, and have a great time.

Insider Tips:
-When attending luaus all around the island, ask the musician if they’ll play you the iconic “The Hasegawa General Store” song.
-They often modify their hours on holidays, so check their Facebook page before stopping by.
-Take your photo while standing in front of the store, and then make that move a tradition with each visit to the island.