Top 3 Beaches in Maui

Known as the second-largest Hawaiian Island, Maui has an array of beautiful beaches. In fact, Maui has more than 80 beaches located on the island, so we understand how trying to find the right one for you can be a little bit overwhelming.

So, what makes a beach the best of the best? It all depends on what you’re looking for. There are rocky beaches, black sand beaches, Maui beaches perfect for snorkeling, and those that have facilities. There are also some that aren’t great for swimming, some without lifeguards, and some with no facilities at all. In order to navigate the best of the best, we have to take all of this into consideration. No worries, however, because we have curated a brief list for you to the top 3 beaches on the island!

Check out these 3 stunning beaches:

Makena Beach State Park

The most photographed beach of Maui, Makena Beach State Park offers different types of beach experiences. You can enter “Big Beach” or “Little Beach” at your own leisure and find yourself caught in the stunning rays of sunshine. Important things to note about this beach: there are public restrooms and showers, plenty of picnic areas, and a lifeguard on duty. This beach is perfect for bodysurfing, swimming, and fishing! So, now that we have one of the most beautiful beaches listed, park your car and head on over to Makena Beach State Park.

Waianapanapa State Park

Have you ever seen a black sand beach? Waianapanapa State Park has one just right for you! A site off of the Road to Hana, watch as the waves crash against the rugged shoreline. Explore the caves along this beach if you find yourself feeling a little adventurous. Important notes for this beach: it isn’t always the easiest to swim in with pebble-like sand, jellyfish, and man o wars. Try this beach out for a nice picnic or simply to explore the geological caves and islets.

Honolua Bay

Famous for snorkeling and surfing, Honolua Bay is located on Maui’s north shore. It is said that the marine life underneath these blue waters are in abundance and extremely colorful. Go out on a charter adventure and go scuba diving if you want a little more deep of an adventure. Honolua Bay has the best of the best when it comes to exploring coral reefs and tropical fish. Even though there are many water adventures here, there are no lifeguards or bathroom changing stations. There are, however, some delicious food trucks that stay nearby!

Whatever you may be looking for, we are certain that Maui has plenty to offer. Dip your toes in the dark sand at Waianapanapa State Park, go adventuring in the waters at Honolua Bay, and definitely get your swimming and sunbathing on at Makena Beach State Park. All offer extremely different experiences, which are only some of the greatness that Maui has to offer.

For other beaches, check out Hookipa Beach Park for great surfing experiences and sea turtles – and Baldwin Beach Park to boogie board and kite surf.