Maui Waterfall Guide: 10 Waterfalls You Can’t Miss

Dozens of waterfalls pepper the landscape across Maui, serving as a captivating and uplifting sight. The calming sound of the water pouring over the rocks can also prove rejuvenating. So, whenever you’re on the island, it is well worth seeking out all the best waterfalls, especially since most are only a short hike from the roadways. To help you find the best sights, here’s a look at the top nine must-see waterfalls on Maui.

Twin Falls

Set on the Road to Hana, Twin Falls is an oft-underrated waterfall easily accessible with a short hike. After driving along the Hana Highway for a while, the trek down the trail serves as a much-needed chance to stretch your legs, too.

To get there, park at the paid lot at Wailele Farm. Don’t park along the highway. Then, walk past the farm stand full of tasty produce to the trail beyond.

At the end of the one-mile trail, you’ll see the 40-foot-tall waterfall flowing into the pool below. Take your time admiring the beauty of the falls, and then stop by the stand on your way out to get snacks for the road.

Upper Waikani Falls

Photo Credit by @briana.r.hurley on Instagram

Also known as the Three Bears, Upper Waikani Falls always serves as a wondrous sight, with its triple falls flowing in tandem. It’s especially magical if you take the time to hike down to the basin, which can prove difficult if you don’t know where to park.

To find a spot, continue down Hana Highway for less than a quarter mile past the falls to find the small parking area beyond. Then, cautiously walk back along the shoulder to the short trail down to the waterfall. Be extra careful on the first few steps down the path to avoid slipping.

Once you get a bit down the trail, you’re in the clear. If the weather cooperates, swim at the base of the 70-foot-tall waterfalls to get the full experience. Otherwise, it’s a great place to have a picnic, snap selfies, or admire the view.

Wailua Falls

Big view of Wailua Falls

With its picture-perfect setup, it’s no wonder that Wailua Falls is known as the most photographed waterfall on the island. The 80-foot-tall waterfall cascades down a gorgeous rock wall framed by tropical vegetation on both sides.

So, it’s well worth taking the time to see in person. And you don’t even have to hike to get there. Just head down the Hana Highway until you reach Mile Marker 45. Then, pull into the parking lot soon after seeing the waterfall come into view. Local vendors line up to sell their wares in this spot but save the shopping for afterward.

Start your visit with a trip down the slippery trail to the pool below. Once you’re done admiring the view, you can go back up and shop at the vendor booths at your leisure.

Puaa Kaa Falls

While traveling the Road to Hana, it’s easy to miss the Puaa Kaa State Wayside Park, but that would be a big mistake. Within that park is the Puaa Kaa Falls, a 20-foot-tall waterfall with a winning personality all its own.

To get a glimpse, you’ll need to park in the lot near Mile Marker 22.6 and then hike down the ¼ mile trail. Upon arriving at the plunge pool, you can take a dip or gaze upon the waterfall’s beauty from the banks.

Either way, stop by the restroom near the parking lot after making it back down the trail. It’s one of the only places nearby to freshen up, making it the perfect place for a brief break from your road trip.  

Seven Sacred Pools

Oheo Gulch Waterfall

Whether you refer to it as the Seven Sacred Pools or Oheo, one thing is for certain: this waterfall serves as a truly serene place to sit and relax. The series of short waterfalls flow into basin after basin, creating a magical landscape you’ll never want to leave.

You must pay for access to the Haleakala National Park to admire its magnificence, but it’s well worth the cost. To do that, park in the lot at Mile Marker 42 on the Hana Highway and then stop by the ranger station to pick up a three-day or annual pass.

Then, hike down the half-mile loop trail to arrive at the waterfall. You’re welcome to swim in the basin but never jump into the water because sharp rocks lie just below the surface.

Punalau Falls

Your travels down the Hana Highway can easily take you right past Punalau Falls without you ever knowing about it. This beautiful waterfall sits hidden from the roadway and is only accessible down an unmarked trail.

To find it, look for a small pull-off parking lot past the bridge near Mile Marker 13. Once you’re there, get out of your car to search for a narrow trail going into the tropical forest. Follow the oft-slick trail for about a quarter mile to arrive at the falls.

The 135-foot-tall waterfall is a true sight to behold, so plan to take your time admiring the view. Bring your camera so that you can take lots of pictures, too.

Honokohau Falls

Photo Credit by @nakedhawaii on Instagram

At over 1,200 feet tall, Honokohau Falls is easily the tallest waterfall on the island by far. The water cascades down the mountainside in two distinct tiers with a basin in between.

The only way to see this waterfall in person is by helicopter. So, skip the hike in favor of signing up for a tour. You may need to call around to find a tour company willing to take you to this remote waterfall, especially during the rainy season.

If you can get a ride, bring your camera and snap photo after photo of your trip. The falls are truly awe-inspiring, so don’t miss the chance to take lots of pictures that you can admire forevermore.

Makapipi Falls

Another Road to Hana treasure, Makapipi Falls flows over a lava bed to a stunning pool below. You can see this waterfall in all its glory from the road, but it’s still a great place to stop and admire the view.

To find a safe spot to park, go past the bridge at Mile Marker 25 and pull off on the side of the highway. Carefully walk back up the shoulder to stand at the bridge railing and gaze at the waterfall.

From that vantage point, you can hear the powerful flow of water pouring into the basin while watching the droplets shimmer in the sunlight. The experience never fails to feel completely rejuvenating, plus it’s a great chance to stretch your legs once again.

Hanawi Falls

Hanawi Falls in Hana, Maui

Hanawi Falls graces the Road to Hana with two cascading waterfalls flowing together through the tropical vegetation. The falls empty into an enormous yet entirely peaceful plunge pool set in a dreamy environment.

To see it for yourself, find parking before or after the bridge at Mile Marker 24. After that, walk over to the historic bridge and look over the railing to see the waterfall and its basin below.

Since the waterfall travels from 200 feet above, the water roars as it lands in the pool. Take a moment to close your eyes and listen to the wonderful sounds before snapping a few photos and hitting the road.

Ready to see all the best waterfalls in Maui? Just use this guide to find the top spots to visit on your travels. Each waterfall offers a whole new experience, so don’t hesitate to see them all. You’re bound to walk away feeling captivated, uplifted, and wholly rejuvenated by the end of your waterfall adventures.