The Top 5 Helicopter Tours in Maui

Gazing at the beauty of Maui from above is one of those things you absolutely need to experience at least once in your life. Fortunately, that’s easy to do by simply signing up for a helicopter tour of your choosing.

You have many excellent tour companies to consider, too, perhaps making it difficult to select just the right one. That’s why we’re here to make it easier by putting the spotlight on the top five must-try helicopter tours in Maui. Check it out.

Air Maui

Air Maui is a premier Maui helicopter tour company offering both pre-planned tour routes and flexible private charters. All their tours go out on superb ASTAR aircraft flown by skilled pilots with in-depth knowledge of the island.

Up to six passengers can fly together on each tour, ensuring everyone has enough space to see all the stellar sights. All along the way, the pilot shares stories about the island’s landscapes, flora, and fauna.

They offer nine options, but their most popular tours include:

West Maui & Molokai 45-Minute Special
The West Maui & Molokai Special lets you spend 45 minutes sightseeing above both of these gorgeous islands. While over West Maui, you’ll see the majestic mountains in all their glory while learning about the local plants and wildlife.

Your trip to Molokai will take you along the north shore, which is otherwise completely inaccessible. While over that island, you can admire the waterfalls and sea cliffs and then look out across the ocean as far as the eye can see.

Doors-Off Tour
The only one of its kind, the Doors-Off Tour is a 45-minute open-air flying adventure over Molokai and West Maui. Mountains, sea cliffs, waterfalls, and so much more promise to delight as you take in the full view from the open sides of the aircraft.

If you’re lucky, you’ll even get to see circular rainbows, dolphin pods, and other exciting sights come into view. Keep your cell phone ready to capture photo after photo of the scene.

Complete Island 60-Minute Tour
If you want to see all that Maui offers, go on the Complete Island 60-Minute Tour. For the entire hour, you’ll fly over all the most interesting locales on the East and West sides of the island.

Vivid waterfalls, tropical forests, and other island features will keep you delighted and looking forward to seeing what comes next. As each feature comes into view, your pilot will share fun facts about what you see.

Maverick Helicopters

Photo Credit by @adventuresofvicknmari on Instagram

Since 1995, Maverick Helicopters has been treating travelers to memorable flights above all the most beautiful locales in the world. On their Maui tours, they focus on touring the rainforests, waterways, and mountainsides to treat their guests to wonderful sights across every route.

On all their tours, their experienced pilots fly luxury ECO-Star helicopters designed with your safety and comfort in mind. Up to seven guests can fly on each trip, allowing you to bring all your closest loved ones along for the ride.

They have three tours available, but the fan favorite is their:

Hana Rainforest Experience
When you want nothing but the best of both worlds, sign up for the Hana Rainforest Experience, for sure. On this 75-minute tour, you’ll fly high above the rainforest and the coastline beyond, allowing you to soak in the scenic views.

Then, to take your trip to the next level, your pilot will gently land the aircraft in the rainforest for on-foot explorations. As you walk through the forest, you will learn about the region’s history and see many native plants, including tasty papayas, bananas, and lilikoi.

Sunshine Helicopters

Photo Credit by @michelle.arnau on Instagram

At Sunshine Helicopters, they serve as the go-to place when you want to see the Hawaiian Islands while soaring through the sky. Their Maui tours take you over the east and west sides of the island, plus offer more than a glimpse at the stunning Molokai landscape.

Their talented pilots fly either FX Star or Whisper Star aircraft that give you a fantastic view while keeping you safe and cozy. Each flight can accommodate up to six passengers, although the front seats offer the best views.

They have three tour options to choose from, but their most popular one is:

Hana Haleakala Helicopter Tour
On the Hana Haleakala Helicopter Tour, you’ll circle the Haleakala Crater and explore the Hana Rainforest. All told, the tour takes about 40 to 50 minutes to complete. During that time, you’ll fly in style above breathtaking sights, including beaches, mountains, and valleys.

Depending on when you go, you might see humpback whales and dolphins swimming through the ocean. Or you may see colossal lava flows going from the edges of the crater out to the ocean. Your pilot will point out all the best sights on your travels, so you don’t miss a thing.

How to Make the Most of Your Helicopter Tour

If you want to enjoy each tour to the fullest, keep these tips in mind:

  • Book your trip at least two weeks in advance, especially during the tourist season
  • Check the age and weight limits for each company before booking your spot on the tour
  • Ask about their camera policy and dress code to come well-prepared for the journey
  • Wear dark clothing to keep reflections off the windows from blocking your view
  • Take an over-the-counter medication as directed by your doctor if you’re prone to motion sickness
  • Splurge on the video at the end of your tour to relieve every last moment forevermore

Pay close attention to all the terms and conditions of the trip when signing up. If you disagree with any of the tour company’s policies, look at your other options to find something more suitable.

If you can swing it, going on all five of these tours will let you see Maui’s beauty from a whole new perspective. Any one of these tours will leave you feeling dazzled by the island, though, kicking off your adventures on the right foot. So, sign up for any—or all—with confidence that you’re on track to having the time of your life.