10 Adrenaline Pumping Activities to Do on Maui

Do you have a never-ending need for speed? Or do you just love to feed the daredevil inside of you? Either way, you can count on finding tons of amazing adrenaline-pumping activities on Maui. All across the island, there are ample opportunities to pilot ATVs, race across ziplines, dive with the sharks, and so much more. You just have to know where to set your sights, so you won’t miss out on enjoying heart-pounding excitement every day of your trip. Ready to light up your life with thrills galore?

Here are 10 ca n’t-miss activities to try.

Lahaina ATV Adventure

Want to go off-road to explore all the best sights in paradise? Just sign up for the Lahaina ATV Adventure with Maui Off-Road Adventures. Across this two-hour excursion, you’ll get to pilot a powerful ATV through switchbacks, across riverbeds, and over flatlands galore. At the end of the trail, you’ll land at 2,000 feet above the oceanside where you can take in the stunning views before heading back the way you came. Taking the tour with a friend? You’ll get to switch out as drivers, so no one is left out of the fun.

Jeep Adventure Tours

Even more off-road fun awaits on Jeep adventure tours. The trips offered by Maui Jeep Excursions allow you to put these iconic off-road vehicles to the test on one of four routes.

Their trips include:

Although any one of their trips is all you need to get the adrenaline pumping, going on all four will allow you to see all the beauty of the island on your trip.

Kahului Kiteboarding

Photo Credit by @corekiteshawaii on Instagram

If you’ve always wanted to harness the power of the wind, Kahului Kiteboarding is the way to go, for sure. To get started, sign up for lessons with Kiteboarding School Maui. You’ll get to learn how to skate across the water’s surface and leap into the sky as the wind powers your travels. After that, you can rent your own equipment to go on solo runs – or just sign up for even more lessons throughout your trip.

Zipline Over Haleakala

For a chance to soar through the air at 40 miles per hour, look to Skyline Eco-Adventures for a trip to remember. On their Haleakala 5-Line Zipline Adventure, you’ll get to speed down the aerial track while taking in the views of the volcanic landscapes below. If that’s not enough to get your heart pumping, the death-defying trip across the swinging bridge in the eucalyptus forest is sure to get you going.  

Cliff Jumping at Black Rock

With a trip to Black Rock, you can say goodbye to your fears with a leap off the cliff and into the ocean. After taking the plunge, nothing will ever feel quite as intimidating, giving you the strength to conquer whatever lies ahead. Want the full cliff diving experience? Arrive at sunset to attend the torch-lighting ritual held by the nearby resort. Then, take a leap of faith into the water before climbing back up to do it all over again.

Canyon Rappelling

Photo Credit by @rebecca_milletary_roper on Instagram

Prefer to take a more measured approach to meander down the cliffside? Plan to go canyon rappelling at least once on your trip to Maui. On this trip, you’ll join the Rappel Maui team on an exciting excursion through the wild landscape along the Hana Highway. Your trip will start with a brisk hike up to the top of a 50-foot waterfall, which you’ll then rappel back down. After that, you’ll go on a swim before heading to a 30-foot waterfall for another go.  

Shark Dive Maui

Photo Credit by @blue_tiki_maui on Instagram

For a truly toe-tingling trip underwater, all you have to do is go diving with the sharks. To ensure you get the full shark diving experience, you’ll want to book your spot for the Shark Dive Maui excursion. A three-hour underwater adventure, this cage-free dive lands you in a 750,000-gallon Open Ocean exhibit where more than 20 sharks will come your way. The whole experience will put your scuba diving skills to the test while letting you get face-to-face with cold-blooded apex predators.

Insane Jet Boat Trip

To see what it’s like to ride a high-performance boat over the ocean’s waves, grab a seat on the Insane Jet Boat. Piloted by the crew at Kaanapali Ocean Adventures, this jet boat promise to leave you breathless. The lightning-fast acceleration will knock your socks off before all the sharp turns and 360-degree spins have you holding on for dear life. Although the trip lasts just one hour, the excitement will last a lifetime.

Helicopter Tours

For an exhilarating trip through the gorgeous sky in paradise, go on at least one helicopter tour. The Jurassic Falls trip from Maui Helicopter Tours is the most iconic, of course, but they’re all equally exciting. As the helicopter takes you high up above the landscape, you’ll get to enjoy the sights while satisfying your need for adventure.

To help you find just the right trip, consider these Maui helicopter tour companies as well:

By looking at all their tour options, you can find the trip that’ll take you over the landscapes you want to see most.

Wild Hog Hunting

Photo Credit by @lopakasalohaadventures on Instagram

With their immense strength and wily nature, wild hogs can put even the most adept hunters through their paces. So, if you want to see what you’re made of, why not go on a wild hog hunting adventure? Offered by Lopaka’s Aloha Adventures, this trip will bring you into the Honokohau Valley where the wild pigs roam free. For four hours, you’ll go on a traditional hunt in hopes of bringing in a luau’s worth of decadent pork.  

You cannot go wrong no matter what adrenaline-pumping activities you set out to enjoy during your visit to Maui. Just be sure to go as early as possible on your trip, so you have time to go back for more fun before having to fly back home.