May’s Beach

May's Beach - Small Beach With Clear Waters in West Maui
Local Expert's Rating:
4.5 / 5
The Bottom Line:

May's Beach is a gorgeous soft sand beach that lies between Black Rock and Kahelili Beach Park in West Maui. Go here to enjoy fewer crowds and crystal clear waters teeming with marine life. 

- The Local Expert Team

Maui has so many beaches that you could visit a new one each day for over two months and still find that there are pockets of sand that you have not yet tread upon. May’s Beach is one of those Maui beaches that often gets overlooked or, just as often, mistaken for something else. This pretty little stretch of sand is situated upon one of the westernmost corners of Maui and has a lot to offer.

First, however, you must find it. May’s beach can be hard to locate because it goes by several names, most of which refer to its location on Maui. Some will call it South Kahekili Beach due to it being the southernmost corner of that three-mile stretch of coastal sand. Others refer to this specific stretch of sand as the North Side of Black Rock. Black Rock is a massive rocky outcropping that was formed from one of the most recent lava flows on this part of the island. You’ll often people jumping from this rock, enjoying a freefall into the gorgeous clear waters below. 

There are several ways to get to May’s Beach, which one you will choose will likely depend upon how long you want to walk and whether you want to pay for convenience. Royal Lahaina Hotel lies just a few footsteps from this beach has a parking lot that you can use, but you will be expected to pay a nominal parking fee unless you are dining at their Royal Ocean Terrace Restaurant. You can also choose to park for free at the Kahekili Beach Park that lies further north, but then you will have to walk just under a mile south to reach May’s Beach. The upside of this being a bit more remote than other beaches in the area is that you will often find a gorgeous beach spot all to yourself here. 

There are no lifeguards at May’s Beach and because the rip currents can get bad here, it is important to be wary of swimming here. Always take notice of your surroundings and whether others are swimming before entering the clear blue waters. And these waters are truly clear. You won’t have to wade far into the waters off of May’s Beach before you start seeing tons of marine life. Sea turtles, coral fish, and more are all active here, making for great snorkeling conditions. 

May’s Beach and Kahekili Beach are also popular amongst surfers. During higher swell days, you’ll often see a ton of surfers further outlining up to catch the incoming waves. Fishing is also really popular at the Sheraton Pier jetty that cuts out over the southern end of the beach. If you enjoy a lazy day fishing from the beach, you might even rent some gear and cast out here!

May’s Beach is also a wonderful place to watch the sunset. Here, you can lay out your beach towel over soft white sand and watch as the sun sets over the island of Laiana. This sunset is also unique as the foreground includes the pier and rocky outcroppings of Black Rock just to the south. 

Insider Tips:
-It is a bit of a walk, but if you are spending a day out enjoying May’s Beach and other beaches here, consider a stop at Whalers Village. Whalers Village is a unique beachside mall that lies south of May’s Beach and Black Rock. Here, you will find a ton of boutiques, restaurants, a museum about whales, hula lessons, and much more. This is a fantastic shopping and event experience for those with young kids. 
-If you’re staying at the Kaanapali Maui at the Eldorado vacation condo, your stay will include access to the expansive beach cabana at May’s Beach. This cabana features a full kitchen, towel service, and complimentary beach gear like lounge chairs. You can even call in to have a golf cart take you to and from your vacation rental’s front steps.