Baby Beach

Baby Beach Lahaina - Small, Quiet Beach on Maui's Western Shoreline
Local Expert's Rating:
4.5 / 5
The Bottom Line:

As its name suggests, Baby Beach Lahaina offers wonderfully tranquil waters well-suited for the family with young children. This calmer stretch of beach is located on Maui's western shoreline and is also a great place for beginner paddleboarding and snorkeling. 

- The Local Expert Team

Looking for a quiet beach to take the kids? Or maybe you want a break from all the busier Maui beaches? In either case and more, Baby Beach Lahaina might just be what you are on the hunt for. 

Before we begin, know that there are two beaches on Maui that are both referred to as “Baby Beach” and both on the same western shoreline of Maui. This review is specifically for the one smaller beach that lies at the end of Ala Moana Street on the northern outskirts of Lahaina. Drive completely down the small street and you will see a sparsely laid out cemetery on your right, on your left will be a fenced-off building and parking lot with a sign for the Lahaina Jodo Mission. Park at any of the spots on your left and follow the easy path down to the beach. 

While we don’t know for sure how this beach got its name, we are pretty sure that it earned the title Baby Beach for having waters so calm that they are safe for the smallest of children. Unfortunately, while the waters are generally calm with a flat surface and minimal to no undertow currents, there are no posted lifeguards. So parents should expect to be extra diligent if bringing children to Baby Beach Lahaina.

The waters here are so calm thanks to a protective reef just offshore. This partially exposed reef makes for some decent snorkeling for those always on the hunt for underwater adventures. However, this snorkeling potential and the calm waters are going to be about all that Baby Beach Lahaina has for appeal.

Most Maui vacationers will probably find that Baby Beach Lahaina is not worth the trip. Yes, the snorkeling is decent and yes, the waters are calm, but you will have to be wary of coral heads and rocks that can scratch and cut up one’s feet. Plus, that coral is very delicate so not only will it hurt you or your child to step on it, but such an impact will often kill the sensitive coral in return. The good news is that the first ten feet from shore are about all sandy bottom, perfect for those youngsters who want to wade and swim. Beyond ten feet is when you get into the coral and rocks. 

Then there’s the beach itself. The shoreline that is considered part of Baby Beach is quite small, but one can walk a decent distance both north and south to find a little sandy spot all of one’s own. Although the sand here is certainly not the most impressive in Maui, with plenty of grayish areas due to oil coming ashore, it still does make for some good sandcastle building and pleasant sunset viewing. 

Finally, with the exception of dedicated parking, there are no amenities at Baby Beach Lahaina. This means no restrooms, no showers, no picnic tables, or any other park-like amenity. For this reason and that of the more unimpressive beach atmosphere itself, most people vacationing to Maui will probably want to go elsewhere. You are, after all, on a tropical island with some of the world’s best beaches, why settle for an average stretch of sand during your limited time here? We’d thus recommend this beach primarily for those with small children who want something calmer, away from crowds, or for someone just learning to snorkel or paddleboard for whom the calm waters offer an exceptional jumping off platform. 

Insider Tips:
-While you’re here, consider a stop at the neighboring Lahaina Jodo Mission. This is a Buddhist temple, but you don’t have to be religious or Buddhist to enter and appreciate the unique structures and gardens. 
-Make sure to pack water, especially if you have rambunctious youngsters in tow. Remember, there aren’t any showers here, so you will want to pack water and towels to wash and dry off sandy feet before continuing about your journey of Maui.