Wings Over Kauai Air Tours

Wings Over Kauai – Offering Unique Views of the Napali Coast Plus a Chance to Take Flight Lessons
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4 / 5
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For sky-high views of the Napali Coast or flight lessons of your very own, Wings Over Kauai is the place to be. Whether you go up in their Cessna or the iconic AirVan, you’ll get to see every bit of the island’s beauty from a totally unique perspective. Interested in becoming a pilot? Just give their flight training course a try to learn the ropes.

- The Local Expert Team

There’s perhaps no better way to see all the beauty of the Napali Coast in a single trip than while flying high in the sky with Wings Over Kauai. Their planes offer truly stable views of all the waterfalls, craters, and other impressive geological formations plus all the tropical vegetation along the way. If you’re lucky, you might even get to see whales and other marine life moving through the ocean waters.

For a whirlwind adventure for two, you can take flight in their tiny yet mighty Cessna. If you’re traveling with a bigger group, then you’ll want to take the AirVan instead. Either way, as the plane buzzes along their tried-and-true tour route, your pilot will point out all the amazing sights while sharing interesting facts about Kauai’s history and culture. You’ll spend a little over an hour in the air, giving you more than enough time to gaze in awe at the gorgeous landscapes all around.

If you prefer to get in the pilot seat, their “Introduction to Flight Training” course is where it’s at. On this one-hour instructional flight, your instructor will handle the takeoff portion before handing the controls over to you. Then, you’ll get a chance to learn how to safely maneuver the plane through the sky while getting to see landscapes from the Napali Coast to Mount Waialeale. After that, your pilot will land at the Lihue Airport to complete yet another hour toward earning your official pilot’s license.

Their most popular activities include:

Cessna Air Tour
A popular flight experience for two, the Cessna Air Tour gives you unmatched views of the Napali Coast from the comfort of a small plane. One person will sit right up front with the pilot while the other gets the rear seat. Once you’re in the air, your pilot will take you all along the coast where you can see the Waimea Canyon, the Hanalei Bay, and famous movie backdrops, including the waterfall seen in the film, ‘Jurassic Park.’

AirVan Trip
The AirVan tour opens the doors for up to six people to experience their one-and-only Napali Coast tour route. With its gigantic bubble windows, you can see much wider angles than in the Cessna, including down toward the ground. Everyone gets a headset on this trip, allowing them to hear the pilot’s stories, listen to music, and chat with each other throughout the flight.

Flight School
As you work toward earning your pilot’s license, you need plenty of time at the controls of aircraft of all kinds. And what better way to get that time than flying high above paradise with a skilled instructor by your side? Fortunately, you can get just that by signing up for their one-hour flight training course. You’ll learn how to bank turns, climb in altitude, descend safely, follow safety rules, and navigate the blue skies above Kauai. How cool is that?

Although they do their best to keep excessive movements to a minimum, windy days can bring a lot of extra motion. If you’re feeling a little motion sick while up in the air, just ask your pilot for a few ginger candies. They’ll soothe your stomach enough to keep you from having to use the yak bags. You’re also welcome to take motion sickness medicine before your flight if appropriate for your needs.

Insider Tips:
-Although they normally have an air and sea combo tour, it’s suspended until further notice.
-They’re usually booked about two weeks out, so reserve your spot as soon as you know when you’ll be in town. You’re able to give them a call or use the online system on their website up to six months in advance to get on the schedule.
-They’re known to cancel tours on rainy days, so be ready for that to happen if you see the clouds roll in. They’ll issue a full refund, and you’re welcome to reschedule if they have any openings while you’re still on the island.