Salty Wahine Gourmet Hawaiian Sea Salt

Take the Taste of the Islands With You With Salty Whine Gourmet Hawaiian Sea Salt
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Part of appreciating Hawaiian culture and the aloha spirit is embracing the many island spices and seasonings that make up Hawaiian dishes. You can take a bit of this island inspiration home with you by visiting the Salty Wahine Gourmet Hawaiian Sea Salt Company on the island of Kauai. 

- The Local Expert Team

Fulfilling the motto “Making Eating Healthy and Fun,” owner Laura Cristobal Andersland launched Salty Wahine Gourmet Hawaiian Sea Salt in 2008 on the beautiful island of Kauai with just $500 in her pocket combined with a passion to spread aloha to the world through Hawaiian seasonings and sea salts. Knowledge of the benefits and extraordinary tastes of Hawaiian sea salts was bestowed upon her at a young age by her paternal Hawaiian grandmother. 

Throughout her career before her retirement-launch of the Salty Wahine company, Laura gained an extensive background in tax law, networking, and financial skills, which has obviously helped her guide the business into the success that it is today. Salty Wahine’s business is all about fulfilling the need of enhancing the dining experience by utilizing amazing fruit-infused blends that not only taste good but are good for you as well. 

An amazing 89% of the products offered at Salty Wahine are of Hawaiian origin, a fact that the brand takes great pride in. Salty Wahine proudly specializes in bringing the tropically infused seasonings of Hawaii into kitchens all over the nation, right from their home base in Kauai. 

You can order Salty Wahine Gourmet Hawaiian Sea Salt from anywhere in the nation online and have these delicious seasonings shipped directly to your home, creating the aloha spirit wherever you reside.  The options are many but some of the most notable products include the brand’s Hawaiian Rub, which achieved the 1st Place Scovie Award in the National Fiery Food Show competition held in Albuquerque, NM. This is an all-purpose, dry rub/seasoning that you can use on fish, steak, or chicken, or sprinkle on steamed vegetables, chopped potatoes, or add to soup. 

The Hawaiian Rub is the most popular all-purpose seasoning product the brand features and is its number one seller. Interestingly enough, founder Laura created this particular concoction of seasonings when she was only 11 years old! Another notable product you can get through Salty Wahine is the Hot Lava garlic salt with medium heat. This Hot Lava, which incidentally won first place in the 2019 Artisan Flave Fest for Best Salt, is a perfect addition to veggies, burgers, salmon, shrimp, steak, and even popcorn. 

The Guava Garlic Salt is another product beloved by many. This is ideal for sprinkling on pork chops, vegetables, or steak. Guava is a natural tenderizer so it works well for this purpose. There is also a delicious recipe for a corn-on-the-cob recipe that features this particular blend on the Salty Wahine site. The last featured product promoted by Salty Wahine is their Passion Fruit Chili Pepper. This delicious seasoning boasts a sweet medium heat with a bit of a tang. It’s ideally suited for seasoning chicken, fish, scrambled eggs, and more, and can even be used as a substitution for salt and pepper. 

In addition to these featured products, along with many other options and combination seasoning packages, Salty Wahine offers a helpful recipe section on the site that gives you ideas on how best to utilize all their products. You can choose chicken, beef, pork, vegetarian, seafood, or side recipes that include a wide variety of subcategories that will give you all sorts of inspiration you can take with you into the kitchen and make the most of the Salty Wahine products. 

If you can’t decide on which product to try first, you can opt for the Four-Piece Sampler Gift Set, which is customizable and allows you to sample up to four different seasonings. All mini bags will sufficiently season up to 5lbs of meat or vegetables (a little goes a long way). This gives you a good way to try out a variety of seasonings before ordering in larger quantities. 

Regardless of what seasonings you try, you can rest assured that thanks to sourcing efforts to obtain local tropical fruits, spices, and herbs, all these award-winning products have the reputation of being part of a world-renowned Hawaiian Sea Salt Company. 

Insider Tips:
-Owners of Salty Wahine credit their outstanding staff and loyal customers for making the brand what it is today. 
-This family business is owned and operated by founder Laura Cristobal Andersland, her husband David Andersland, and a staff of beloved and featured employees.