Princeville Botanical Gardens

Princeville Botanical Gardens - Tropical Gardens & Chocolate Tasting
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5.0 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Princeville Botanical Gardens is beautifully filled with tropical flowers and fruits. Come for the beauty, and stay for the chocolate tasting that includes a tour around many of the plans.

- The Local Expert Team

Princeville Botanical Gardens is a beautiful tropical garden. The rich diversity of flora makes this one of the most scenic locations in Hawaii, and the chocolate that’s served is as rich and exquisite as the plans. The gardens encompass 9 acres, and each one of them is worth exploring.

The flora here includes a large variety of native and non-native species — there are over 600 species in all. With an emphasis on plants that do well in tropical climates, canoe plants, medicinal species, and rare and endangered flowers from around the world abound.

In addition to flowers, the gardens also grow a variety of fruit bushes and trees. These may have flowers or fruit on them, depending on what time of year you visit. Either way, they add both intrigue and diversity to the surrounding ground.

Don’t just come to see the flora, but also consider the chocolate tasting. The gourmet chocolate is as good as you’ll find on the island, and you can sometimes taste honey and fruit from the garden too.

Hawaii has majestic islands that are well worthy of admiration. With their unsurpassed cultivated variety and beauty, though, the Princeville Botanical Gardens are well worth a visit. Even among such islands, these family-owned gardens stand out.

A few of our favorite features at Princeville Botanical Gardens include:

Native Hawaiian Flowers
Cultivated gardens are the perfect place to admire and learn about Hawaii’s natural flora. You’ll see more variety in a finite space here than you will anywhere else on the island, and you can get close to each one without worrying about trampling plants underfoot.

Canoe Plants
Canoe plants might be mistakenly thought of as native Hawaiian species, but they were actually important by Polynesians long ago. The name doesn’t reflect the actual species or type of plant, but it’s a reference to how these plants arrived in Hawaii — by canoe. Spend some time studying the canoe plants, and you’ll learn a little about Hawaii’s history in the process.

Rare and Endangered Flowers
The gardens have been family-owned since 2001, and the owners have assembled quite a collection of rare and endangered flowers over the past two decades. Watch for some of these uncommon specimens, and you’ll be rewarded with views of flowers that some people spend lifetimes hunting.

Hawaii’s climate makes the gardens especially well-suited for growing fruit. Pursue the various tropical (and sometimes not tropical) fruits, and you’ll likely see some unusual ones.

Chocolate Tour
The Chocolate Tour involves a 3-hour tour of the gardens, and every minute of it is well-spent. Walk throughout the entire gardens with a knowledgeable staff person, who can answer any questions you have and will share insightful details. You’ll sample some fruit and honey along the way, and a 30-minute chocolate tasting (included in the 3 hours) caps the tour off.

Insider Tip:
The owners are frequently on the premises, and they’re very proud of the gardens that they’ve cultivated. Feel free to look for them, and ask them about establishing, maintaining, and expanding the operations. They’re always happy to share.