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Experience the Wonders of the Na Pali Coast with Makana Charters and Tours
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Book with Makana Charter Tours to enjoy the experience of seeing sea life, snorkeling, and learning about Kauai. Take a tour of the Na Pali Coast with an experienced guide who has knowledge about the history of the islands and a passion for sharing that information. This dedication and the variety of sights that you’ll see make this one of the area’s top tour operations.

- The Local Expert Team

Some of Hawaii’s natural beauty requires getting out on the water to see. With Makana Charters and Tours, you can see the geologic wonders of the Na Pali Coast, learn about the islands’ history, and see ocean life in its natural setting. The five-hour tours provide visitors a top value, and those who have gone on the tours frequently rate them as their favorite experiences of the islands.

Makana Charters and Tours has taken visitors on customized catamarans for more than 20 years. The company remains family-operated and native-owned. Hence, the tour crews all have a passion for the land and sharing their knowledge of it while making guests feel like family.

The tours offered by Makana Charters and Tours of the Na Pali Coast are five hours long and start on the west side of the island at Kikiaola Small Boat Harbor. This starting location benefits guests because the seas are calmer around this harbor, and you spend less time in transit to the Na Pali Coast, giving you more time for seeing the coast and snorkeling.

A fleet of four custom-built catamarans serves the company’s touring needs, which include morning and afternoon group tours plus private charters. The four boats for group excursions offer the same tours but have differing passenger capacities to accommodate large families or groups. Tour boats have on-board restrooms, fresh water showers, snacks, drinks, deli lunch, and comfortable seating.

Makana Charters and Tours offers two types of tours for visitors:

Na Pali Coast Tours
Book tours of the Na Pali Coast during the morning or afternoon. Both five-hour tours give you ample opportunity for seeing waterfalls, dolphins, sea turtles, whales during the winter, and sea caves. Weather and ocean-conditions permitting, you can snorkel during the tour to see the ocean life up close.

While riding the boat, you’ll hear fascinating information about the history, geology, and more of the island. Feel free to pepper the crew with questions. They’re happy to answer them.

The tour includes a deli lunch, and you can satisfy your hunger at other times with the fresh fruit, snacks, and drinks available on board. If you feel seasick, let the crew know. They have ginger chews to help to ease the queasiness. Their ultimate goal is to make sure that every visitor has the trip of a lifetime, and previous tour takers agree that they did have the best coastal tours of their lives.

Private Tours
If you prefer to have a personalized tour, book one of the private trips. Choose your vessel based on your group number. The Napali Kai 3 is ideal for wedding parties or other large groups up to 32 people. The Seiko holds between 16 and 18 people. Choose the Makana for up to 12 people, and select a private tour on the Hinaea if you have up to six people in your group.

With a private tour, you choose your route. These more intimate tours allow you to see more sea caves and have a more personalized experience base on your group’s needs. Like the group tours, private trips last for five hours and include lunch. You will have everything you need aboard the vessels. Just bring a towel and your sense of adventure.

Makana Charters and Tours is one of the top tour providers on Kauai. You will quickly find out that the tour captain and crew all have a dedication to providing every guest with the best experience possible. This passion for their tours and fleet of custom craft make this a standout among boat tours of the Na Pali Coast. You can’t miss this bucket-list experience.

Insider Tips:
-Weather conditions may cause tour cancelations, change the snorkeling locations, or prevent you from snorkeling while on the tour.
-Take seasickness precautions before starting the tour if you are susceptible to motion sickness. Book a morning tour for calmer seas. Avoid reserving tours during the winter, if possible, when seas are roughest and seasickness most likely.
-Choose an afternoon tour to see sea turtles and have the best lighting to take photographs.
-Arrive at the harbor 45 minutes before the tour to check in with the crew.