Koloa Trading Post

Koloa Trading Post – A Great Place for Souvenirs and More in South Shore Kauai
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When you want to pack your bags with souvenirs and gifts for your loved ones back home, plan a trip on over to the Koloa Trading Post. Whether you’re in the market for sassy oven mitts or gorgeous jewelry, it’s easy to get what you need at this South Shore Kauai boutique.

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

In order to commemorate your trip to Kauai in style, you need high-quality souvenirs from Koloa Trading Post in South Shore Kauai. They’re also a great place to stop when you want to bring home tons of amazing gifts for your friends, family, and coworkers back home.

To get to Koloa Trading Post, you’ll head down Koloa Road until you land between Maluhia Road and Weliweli Road. Once you park, take a walk down the storefronts until you see their inviting shop signage, and then waltz right through the doors. The staff keeps things pretty low-key, so don’t expect much fanfare to mark your arrival. Instead, you’re likely to get a brief welcome and an invitation to browse their goods at your leisure.

Thankfully, the real magic of Koloa Trading Post is not in their quality of service, but in their exceptional goods. They have a little bit of everything in their boutique, including home décor, apparel, and jewelry. If you like tongue-in-cheek humor, you’re going to love their fun sayings on the oven mitts, socks, and more.

You’ll want to take your time browsing all they have to offer because every display is chockfull of awesome goods. If you find some things you like and there isn’t a lot left, swoop them up right then and there. It could very well be the last one they get for a while.

On top of that, since Koloa Trading Post keeps things pretty old school, they don’t have a website set up for shopping once you return home. Instead, you’ll need to shop right onsite and pack your items in your luggage for the return trip.

If you bring a large nylon duffle bag along for the ride, you can stuff it full of your gifts and other items, and then check it on the plane when it comes time to go home. You might also have good luck shipping your items back home on your last day, so they’ll arrive on your doorstep soon after you get back.

The most popular items at Koloa Trading Post include:

Hawaiian Shirts
Who doesn’t love a colorful Hawaiian shirt to wear to the beach and all around town? If that sounds like just what you need in your life, check out the circular racks teeming with bright hues. Dig deep to find the color scheme and pattern that speaks to you most, and then buy two to keep them in rotation for years to come.

Picture Frames 
If you’d like to proudly display your favorite photos from all your island adventures, pick up at least a few picture frames. Available in a wide variety of colors and sizes, their frames promise to draw attention to your photos while keeping them well protected.  

Handmade jewelry always makes for an excellent gift whether you’re buying it for your loved ones or yourself. So, take a peek at all the bracelets, necklaces, rings, and more at Koloa Trading Post to find the pieces that suit your fancy. No matter what pieces you buy, they’ll package them up just right for gifting if you ask.

While you’re vacationing in Kauai, keep your loved ones updated about all your adventures by sending out postcards each day. Their postcards have all the best island scenes across the front plus plenty of space to write on the back. Buy up more than a few and send them out at your leisure to delight your friends, family, and coworkers.

After you finish your shopping at Koloa Trading Post, you can get a bite to eat at the nearby restaurants, like Koloa Mill Ice Cream & Coffee. Just remember to fend off the wild chickens out to get a bite of your snacks. They’re well known for hopping up on the table and digging in uninvited, especially if anyone dares turn their back to their snacks. 

Insider Tip:
When there are no parking spaces right out front, many visitors park across the street on the shoulder. You can also find parking further down Koloa Road, like by the Koloa Cultural Center.