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Kauai Kiteboarding -- A Fun & Easy Way to Learn How to Kiteboard On Kauai's East Shore
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4 / 5
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Kiteboarding has quickly become a beloved Hawaiian watersport enjoyed by tourists and locals alike. Best of all, this is an easy sport that an expert trainer like that offered at Kiteboard Kauai on the island's east shore. 

- The Local Expert Team

Hawaii has always been known for its fantastic waves and beautiful beaches. These waves, for many generations, attracted surfers from around the world. But water recreation methods change and now, today, another type of water sport is rising up in the ranks and that water sport is kiteboarding and places like Kiteboard Kauai make it easy for newcomers to enjoy the sport. 

Kiteboarding, as the name suggests, combines a kite-like sail and a board similar to surfboards and stand-up paddleboards. The kiteboarder straps their feet into designated slots on the board and then the kite gets attached to a harness worn around the waist. The kite then gets played out on its rope between 20 and 100 feet from the kiteboarder so that it lifts into the air and the wind catching into the kite propels the kiteboarder forward over the surf and often into the air.

Kiteboarding can be difficult to pick up, but the right instructors do make all the difference. That’s where Kiteboard Kauai comes into play. Here, newcomers to the sport can take lessons under certified instructor Adam Finn. In just one three-hour lesson, Finn can help students quickly and safely understand and even master the basic techniques of getting onto a kiteboard and getting underway. 

One of the big fears people have when learning to kiteboard is that the board will take them far and away from the instructor; that they will feel a loss of control. This is why having an experienced instructor close is key. Finn further helps to make students feel more confident by outfitting each one with a waterproof radio helmet. This makes it so students on the water have a constant audio connection with their instructor.

Kiteboard Kauai operates out of Wailua Beach on Kauai’s east shore. Wailua Beach sits at the mouth of the only navigable river in the entire state of Hawaii, the Wailua River. This river combined with the natural positioning of the beach combines to offer some truly fantastic kiteboarding conditions. In fact, this part of Kauai is considered among the best for surfing and kiteboarding. This is thanks to its strong surf and strong currents that combine to provide the exact type of waves and wind conditions you want for these sports. 

Getting to Wailua Beach is easy. Simply Follow Kuhio Highway until you get to Wailua. You will find parking and public access to the beach near the thrift store just off the intersection of Kuhio Highway and 580. 

In addition to offering one-on-one kiteboarding lessons, Adam Finn of Kiteboard Kauai also partners with a local helicopter outfit to send guests on a once-in-a-lifetime journey through the skies in and around Kauai. 

Insider Tip:
-You can expect the beginner, get-up-and-going course to last about three hours. 
-Some people find kiteboarding hard to get started, but not so for many others. Some past clients at Kiteboard Kauai recommend Finn because of how quickly he’s able to get people started. In fact, some people are up and going in minutes. Just remember to have patience. As with many things, there is a learning curve. If you get up the first time, excellent. If it takes an hour or so, no worries. That’s the benefit of having a patient instructor on hand. 
-There is a lot to see and do around Wailau, including shopping, dining, kayaking, luaus, and so much more. We recommend making a full day of a journey out here. 
-You don’t need to bring anything but a bathing suit and a good attitude. All equipment is provided by Kiteboard Kauai.
-Lessons here are structured as one-on-one, private courses, but you can call about group sessions. Additionally, most people coming in from out of town to learn how to kiteboard sign up for a one-time course, but repeat sessions are also available.