Kauai Waterski Co.

Kauai Waterski, Surf & Kayak
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4.5 / 5
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Kauai Waterski, Surf & Kayak is a do-it-all watersport outfit located on the east side of Kauai. Call up this group when you want an active river adventure where you might ski, tube, kneeboard, or more. 

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

Are you tired of simple hotel lounging, just lazying beachside with Mai Tais? As great as such afternoons can be, sometimes you want a bit of adventure. Sometimes you want to cool off while you fool around. For such times when on the island of Kauai, consider booking a water adventure with Kauai Waterski, Surf & Kayak. 

Kauai Waterski, Surf & Kayak is a multifaceted outfitter and rental company that has its headquarters on the east side of Kauai, just off of Wailua Beach Park. But when it comes to meeting up with your guide, tutor, or picking up rental gear, you will likely be directed to meet either on Wailua Beach or at a nearby boat dock. In other words, your activity will lead you to where you want to go — and this group does have a lot of activity options.

The Kauai Waterski, Surf & Kayak Company was founded in 1971, but it looked a little different in those early days. Back then, the company was founded as a ski club that primarily catered to locals and long-term Kauai visitors. Today, however, so many people have wanted to take part in the many water adventures this part of the island has to offer, that the company expanded its activities and now operates primarily as a tourist outfit and secondarily as a water sport training group.

The best, most requested activities Kauai Waterski, Surf & Kayak offers involve their motorboats and the Wailua River. The Wailua River is the only river in all of the Hawaiian islands that is navigable by larger motorboats. Thus, it is the only river in the state upon which people can tube, waterski, wakeboard, kneeboard, tube, and hydrofoil. These are the activities that Kauai Waterski, Surf & Kayak offers and they offer it amidst some of the island’s most breath-taking landscapes. 

The Wailua River is a perfect location for these activities for several reasons. First, there is the aforementioned point that this is the only freshwater place people can enjoy such activities. Secondly, this river is renowned for being calm and frequently glassy (which also makes it a fantastic river to kayak). These water conditions make it easy for beginners to get started with watersports, and it creates good opportunities for experienced skiers to experiment. 

The rates at Kauai Waterski, Surf & Kayak can seem a bit counterintuitive as there is both a base rate and added rates per beginners who will need lessons on their chosen watersport. The base rates are $115 per half hour and $225 per hour with limits on beginners and experienced riders. However, it is a good idea to contact the group directly when booking, in any case, to be sure you are getting the right balance of budget and time on the water. 

Insider Tips:
-Kauai Waterski, Surf & Kayak has a long history and a great reputation, but they still aren’t a major operation. They like to keep things small and so there are only so many open spots available. Especially as there is the obvious limitation of boats and motorboat capacity. This means you will want to book early to ensure you get your spot. 
-Pack your bug spray and sunscreen. The Wailua River is gorgeous but it is also an open river. This means a lot of direct sunlight, especially with the water reflecting back up. Additionally, when you stop along the sides of the river, you are likely to feel a couple of mosquito bites. 
-Be honest about your abilities before you book. The owner and employees here are fantastic at teaching the various water sport activities they offer, but they can’t read minds. Overstating your experience or the expertise of someone in your party can result in an unfair and frustrating imbalance of how time gets spent on the water. Be honest about your and your party members’ abilities so that everyone can have the best experience both in terms of learning a new sport and enjoying the beauty that is Wailua River.