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Made With the Sun: Island Soap & Candle Works
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4 / 5
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A visit to an Island Soap & Candle Works location will be a sensory experience that will fill you with wonder and hopefully lead to some feelings of relaxation and contentment. Their product lines feature all-natural products including soaps, candles, lotions, lip balm, and more all made with locally sourced ingredients and created using time-honored traditional methods.

- The Local Expert Team

Established in the sleepy Kauai plantation town of Kekaha in 1984, what began as just a small line of natural, handmade products has grown over time to now include a full line of dandles, botanical lotions, salves, lip balms, luscious handmade soaps, and countless other natural products. Today, Island Soap & Candle Works is now available in a variety of fine gift shops throughout the islands and can even be found on the mainland. 

Many island visitors began requesting to see the behind-the-scenes production of how the Island Soap and Candle Works products were made when they first began. This led the brand to open up a smaller version of its soap and candle factory on the north shore of Kauai in Kilauea. This store, serving as both a retail gift shop and a working factory soon became a popular destination, so much so that it expanded again with another similar location on the south shore of Kauai in Koloa. 

The third and most recent location opened up at the Ward Warehouse in Honolulu. When visiting Hawaii, make sure to stop in and see how the candles and soups are made and to smell the tropical aromas and freshly made products that are curing on the racks. 

When it comes to soaps, you can opt for specialty soaps, liquid soaps, shaving soaps, or shop by scents. There are even brilliantly designed soap dishes that accentuate your soap, highlighting its color, unique design, and its overall appeal. With candles, you can choose pillar candles, candles in Monkeypod Wood, Coconut Shell, or votives and tealights. There are also several candle dishes to choose from to go along with your choice of candles. 

Island Soap & Candle Works also features a variety of lotions and other products like shampoo and conditioner, shea butter creams, botanical lotions, body butter, bath salts, lip balms, and more. All products made by Island Soap & Candle Works are derived from locally sourced ingredients. For example, the Pikake Blossom Hawaiian Bath Salt is made with a blend of local Hawaiian sea salts along with other ingredients. 

The Surfer’s Salve line of products is another beloved option at Island Soap & Candle Works. These products include a variety of Surfer’s Salves products designed to naturally soothe the skin from sunburn, dry skin, bug bites, chapped lips, wind burns, and more.  There is even a variety of Surfer’s Salve Gift Sets to choose from that come with several products and a bag. 

Aside from the natural way that the soaps, candles, and other products are made, Island Soap & Candle Works has also committed itself to giving back to its beautiful environment. This led them to install large photovoltaic solar panels as a means of powering their factory. While in the beginning they were still forced to rely on other sources along with the solar panels for energy, as of 2009, they are fully running on solar power. 

As a result of their efforts towards energy independence, this means when you purchase from them, not only are you getting a product that is good for your body, but you can be proud to know the company that made the product did so with their environmental impact in mind. This means that the soap, candles, and lotions you enjoy are in essence made with the sun itself. 

Along with the natural products you can enjoy from Island Soap & Candle Works, you can also find a variety of other products as well on the site and in stores. This includes tote bags, mugs, notebooks, dishtowels, tea towels, hip packs, and more. They even have bags of flavored teas to try, which makes a visit in-store well worth it when in the area. 

Insider Tips:
-Shipping is only $10 for all orders over $60 within the U.S. You will be emailed an order tracking number when your product ships. 
-All Island Soap & Candle Works products are fully guaranteed, meaning you can return it (at their expense) if you are not satisfied, and get a complete refund. 
-If you aren’t sure what to buy, look at the Best Sellers page for popular products.