Hee Fat General Store

Hee Fat General Store – Imaginative Shave Ice, Artisan Goods, and Curios Galore
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4 / 5
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Want to elevate your Kapaa Beach Adventures while experiencing the best of East Side Kauai? Get on down to Hee Fat General Store to shop your heart out and fill up on decadent shave ice, Hawaiian hot dogs, and more. Just make sure to bring a big appetite and a full pocketbook because you’ll want a little taste of everything at this cute shop.

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

Hee Fat General Store is a one-stop-shop for all things East Side Kauai. Marked with only a small sign above their basic doorway, this modest shop features all the best artisan goods found across the island. Plus, they have imaginative shave ice creations, Hawaiian hot dogs, and many other treats to get you energized for all your upcoming adventures.

As you waltz through the doors, you’ll want to give yourself a minute to take it all in. As you gaze in wonder at all their offerings, cheerful Alohas will come your way. Known as having the friendliest service in town, their staff always go above and beyond to help you feel right at home. From the second you wander in, they will warmly welcome you to spend as much time as you want browsing their wares. If you even seem like you have any questions, they’ll be right there to answer them.

While looking through all their goods, you’ll find beautiful hand-turned wood bowls, drink coasters, cutting boards, and even meat claws. Go a bit further into the store and you’ll see flour sack towels, refrigerator magnets, keychains, toys, and many other fun souvenirs. They also have tons of amazing apparel, including t-shirts, swimming attire, straw hats, and sunglasses.

Want to get musical? You can do just that by moseying over to their Kala Ukuleles and picking out one that suits your fancy. Just don’t forget to get a fancy carrying bag and beginner’s playing guide to go with your new instrument.

Their most popular items include:

Basic Shave Ice
Available in regular and Keiki sizes, their basic shave ice is anything but ordinary. They have every flavor imaginable, too, like mango, lychee, passion fruit, bubble gum, strawberry, root beer, pineapple, and banana. Or you can go with their real fruit syrup for a few dollars more.

Lava Flow
For ice cream and snow ice all-in-one, the Lava Flow easily fits the bill. This special creation starts with a base of mac nut ice cream and then gets pineapple, strawberry, and coconut snow ice over the top. A li hing mui powder snowcap finishes it off right, giving every taste a sour zing.

An island favorite, the POG is another special creation all their own making. They create this treat with a base of vanilla ice cream covered in passion fruit, orange, and guava snow ice. It also gets a sour snowcap that highlights all the tropical flavors.

Hawaiian Hot Dogs
The Hawaiian Hot Dogs are the perfect accompaniment to your icy treats, letting you fill up on quality island fare. Their dogs feature excellent Kobe beef and land on a tasty, sweet bread bun. You can then choose your toppings from all their offerings, which include passion fruit wasabi mustard, pineapple relish, and Kilauea fire hot sauce. Potato chips of your choice go alongside for a salty kick.

Although they might not last long as other souvenirs, you cannot go wrong with picking up a few packaged food items on your way out the door. Passion fruit syrups, juice, and sauces by Aunty Lilikoi, for example, are always a good choice. Or you can go with North Shore Goodies Peanut Butter in amazing flavors, like coconut, coffee, macadamia nut, and white chocolate. If you go that route, remember to get tropical jam as well.  

Insider Tips:
-Need a spot to park? Head right around the back of the store. If that lot is full, you can find a spot along Kuhio Highway.
-Don’t let Phillip the Tip Jar go hungry! All it takes is a couple of bucks to satisfy his appetite, although you could always do more if you prefer to go big.
-Their tropical plant seeds can serve as a lasting way to remember your island adventures – and they’re perfectly fine to take home. Just be sure to compare their ideal growing zone to your home climate to verify they’ll thrive.