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Garden Island Wellness – Experience the Power of Biohacking on Kauai, HI
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When you need to feel rejuvenated fast, Garden Island Wellness has just what you need. As the premier biohacking facility on East Side Kauai, this health spa features state-of-the-art recovery tools for total wellness. You can also work directly with the owners, Kins and Lou, in improving your breathing and mastering yoga poses.

- The Local Expert Team

At Garden Island Wellness, you can embrace the power of biohacking while in the heart of paradise. Located on East Side Kauai, this innovative health spa offers just what you need to feel your very best inside and out. Their location right off Kappa Beach Park adds to the magic of coming in for refreshing spa services.

Contrast therapy lies at the center of the wellness experience offered at their spa. Commonly used by athletes, this therapy helps soothe achy muscles, reduce joint inflammation, and speed up the healing process. And all it takes is a relaxing infrared sauna visit followed by an ice bath. Although that might sound a bit extreme, it’s an exquisite combination that promises to brighten your day and put a little pep in your step.

If you’d like to take your healing journey to the next level, yoga, and breathwork sessions are available. The owners of Garden Island Wellness, Kins and Lou, welcome people of all skill levels to participate in these activities at their leisure. They claim that you’ll feel less stressed, sleep better, and just plain feel better after completing even just one session at their spa. You’ll need to be the judge of that, but it’s well worth trying out just in case it works wonders for your mind and body.

No matter what activities you’d like to enjoy, you must reserve your spot well ahead of time. You can either call their team directly by phone or hop on their website to make your reservations online through their store. You’re welcome to mix and match services as you see fit to build your perfect biohacking experience.

A few Garden Island Wellness must-try services are:

Infrared Sauna
Available in 30- and 45-minute blocks, the Infrared Sauna sessions let you sweat it out in comfort. The infrared technology keeps the air from feeling too hot while heating up your body like a traditional sauna. This service can help relieve pain, accelerate recovery, boost your immune system, and detox your body.

Cold Plunge
The Cold Plunge allows you to take a refreshing dip in icy cold water after getting out of the sauna or just on its own. To prepare for your plunge, the crew will fill the Edge Theory Labs tub with 40- to 55-degree Fahrenheit water and provide you with a towel. You’ll just have to get into your bathing suit and then gently lower yourself into the water. Within minutes, the benefits of cold therapy will come your way, including a marked decrease in joint inflammation.

Breathwork takes your healing journey to the next level by teaching you how to breathe in a restorative way. Stress causes you to breathe faster and shallower, depriving your mind and body of much-needed oxygen. By learning to breathe properly, you can let go of the stress and reinvigorate your senses.

Ask about their private events if you’d like to enjoy a biohacking session with your crew. Lou and Kins will help you set up your ideal group session experience at Garden Island Wellness. You’ll just need to select your preferred services and then let them know how long you’d like to enjoy each one.  

Insider Tips:
-Want to share your love for this spa far and wide? Buy a branded t-shirt, hat, or other swag and wear it wherever you go.
-If you will be in town for a while, consider buying their multi-packs for sauna and ice bath services. You can buy them in sets of five or ten, allowing you to enjoy these incredible services at a discount.
-Want to enjoy the ice bath experience right on the beach? Ask about their 90-minute breathwork, movement, and ice bath sessions. They’re typically held on the first Wednesday of each month.