Dolphin Touch Wellness Center

Dolphin Touch Wellness Center - Kauai -- A Unique Place of Healing & Mysticism on Kauai
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4 / 5
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The Dolphin Touch Wellness Center is a unique place in which traditional therapies merge with a unique type of mysticism to offer guests a holistic healing experience. While not for everyone, this unique spot is a good choice for those looking for natural healing away from more commercialized spas and resort masseuses. 

- The Local Expert Team

Dolphin Touch Wellness Center is a mindfulness center, offering a variety of health and wellness classes and treatment protocols. Despite what this company’s name might inspire, there are no dolphins on-site or otherwise available for touch. What there is, however, are a variety of therapies including one involving massage therapy at a nearby bay. 

Visitors can find the Dolphin Touch Wellness Center on the east shore of Kauai in the town of Kapaa. This facility is owned and operated by Jeanne Russell, an experienced and well-trained masseuse. The business was inspired by her love of dolphins and belief in the healing nature of the sea and those sea mammals. Hence, the name. 

The Dolphin Touch Wellness Center is perhaps best known among visitors for its bodywork. The most popular of these services include the following:

Massage Therapy
This wellness center specializes in Deep Tissue, Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi, and Relaxation massage services. They are also the only place on the island that boasts a mermaid massage table. The mermaid massage table is a special 30-gallon heated water mattress that simulates the feeling of floating on a lake or in the sea. 

Reiki & Dolphin Reiki
Reiki is a type of complementary therapy that relates to energy healing. Those not familiar with this type of service can think of it as a type of guided meditative practice that helps a person to relax with the aim of reducing stress and anxiety while improving a positive mental state through gentle touches. 

Dolphin Energetics
This is a unique service to the Dolphin Touch Wellness Center and was designed by founder Jeanne Russell to connect guests to what she calls the “dolphin dimension”. This dimension is a place of light and love energy and thus the goal of dolphin energetics therapy is to connect guests with that plane of greater peace and love. Those going to the Dolphin Touch Wellness Center for this unique therapy can opt to have it completed either onsite on the aforementioned mermaid massage table or in the neighboring waters off of Kapaa Beach. 

In addition to these massage and general wellness therapies, the Dolphin Touch Wellness Center also offers various classes, initiative readings, and boasts an onsite shop. 

Insider Tips:
-The Dolphin Touch Wellness Center does offer virtual experiences for those interested in their methods but who are not on their island. If you are not certain if this type of health and wellness bodywork is right for you, these virtual classes can be a great first step.
-This place does tend to operate on island time and so making a solid reservation is advisable as driving up for an impromptu massage can be hit or miss. 
-For every massage and bodywork service offered, one can get it done via a couples’ session — which may be a fantastic experience for those couples who need a moment to relax from a bustling vacation.