The Cabana Bar & Grill

The Cabana Bar & Grill: Discover the Local Athletic Club's Poolside Gem
The Bottom Line:

The Cabana Bar & Grill brings a tasty menu and even better cocktails to a poolside environment at a local athletic club. This gem encourages you to escape tourist vibes for an evening, and, instead, relax like a local.

- The Local Expert Team

Relaxing by the pool is always more fun with a drink in hand and a tasty meal on the way. Both essentials are in abundant supply at The Cabana Bar & Grill. This hidden gem provides a great escape along with a lovely patio and reasonable prices.

An idyllic destination for those staying at the Marriott Beach Club, The Cabana Bar & Grill is technically part of the Poipu Beach Athletic Club. As such, it attracts a unique blend of visitors, including locals who frequent the athletic club, plus tourists on the hunt for casual eats and a friendly ambiance. 

The menu at this location is not vast, but it offers something to keep most visitors happy. Sandwiches, burgers, and salads dominate, although there are plenty of great appetizers and even a children’s menu. Locally-made popsicles are perfect when you need a sweet treat after your meal.

If you’re determined to find delicious gluten-free meals on Kauai, you’ll be pleased by the extensive selection at this restaurant. Gluten-free options are clearly marked on the menu, with special gluten-free buns available on request. A few vegetarian options are also provided, so don’t worry about finding something satisfying if you prefer to avoid meat. 

The bartenders at The Cabana Bar & Grill are amazing, making a cocktail non-negotiable when you stop by. Many of the bar’s beverages are surprisingly strong — particularly if you add rum floaters. From margaritas to mimosas, all your favorite drinks are on the cocktail menu. A decent wine selection is also provided.

The wait can sometimes be longer than desired, so consider making a reservation if you don’t want to stick around. If, however, you’re willing to dedicate a little extra time to your Cabana experience, you’ll find that waiting can be fun if you sip on a cocktail and enjoy the pool view. 

A few of our favorite menu items include the following:

Korean Beef Potstickers
Get your Cabana experience off to a great start with this delectable appetizer. Flavor abounds, as these potstickers feature teriyaki, cilantro lime, sriracha, green onions, and sesame seeds. 

Cabana Burger
Treat yourself to a sizable and delicious burger centered around a Big Island beef patty. This burger also includes lettuce, red onion, and thousand island dressing. French fries or sweet potato fries can be added for an extra fee.

Fish Tacos
Available with mahi or seared ahi, these tasty tacos are served on soft corn tortillas. Their fresh flavor incorporates garlic aioli and lime. Sesame shoyu cabbage slaw is also included.

Earth Mama Wrap
Eat the rainbow with this colorful wrap. The beets and carrots are especially vibrant, although the cucumbers and lettuce add to the effect. All this is expertly incorporated in a delicious garlic herb tortilla, with hummus and balsamic dressing provided.

Slaw or Kraut Dog
In the mood for something a little different? A kraut dog may not be an expected meal at a trendy pool bar, but it’s an excellent choice nonetheless. This sizable Polish dog can be served with slaw or kraut on top. Both versions include cilantro, grilled jalapenos, and honey mustard.

Take a break from typical resort eats and hit up The Cabana Bar & Grill, where you will enjoy the friendly local vibes that only an athletic club restaurant can provide. 

Insider Tips:
-If you’re interested in making a reservation, head directly to the restaurant’s website or stop by the Cabana Yelp page. Call the restaurant directly if you need to make a reservation for a group of eight people or more.
-The bar regularly hosts local musicians, which you will definitely want to check out if you have the chance. Check out Cabana’s official Facebook page to learn whether any acts will arrive in the next few days. This is also where you’ll find new menu items and drinks announced. 
-The restaurant occasionally hosts dietary cleanse events on behalf of the attached athletic club. These offerings streamline the cleansing process by providing approved foods for pickup.