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Crystal and Gems Gallery – Your Source for Stunning Treasures in North Shore Kauai
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4 / 5
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If you love small gemstones, towering geodes, and everything in between, get your fill at Crystal and Gems Gallery in North Shore Kauai. Set just a few blocks from Hanalei Bay, this little rock shop carries all the geological wonders imaginable, treating you to a shopping experience unlike any other.

- The Local Expert Team

When you need polished rocks, sparkling gemstones, and all the other geological wonders in your life, you cannot go wrong with a trip to the Crystal and Gems Gallery. Located right by Hanalei Bay in North Shore Kauai, this well-designed rock shop takes you on a deep dive into all of Earth’s best creations.

To start your journey, browse all the raw minerals arranged across the shop including black obsidian, jade, and quartz of all kinds. As you look at all the stones, you’ll get a chance to learn about how each one cleanses negative energy and boosts the good. You’re encouraged to lift them up and feel their energy as you shop the Crystal and Gems Gallery, allowing the stones to speak to your senses and lead you to the right pieces.

Although you’ll learn plenty while shopping around Crystal and Gems Gallery, you can add to your knowledge with their many books about crystal healing and the like. But if you’d like to really take your learning experience to the next level, join their crystal healing workshops. Led by instructor Tanize Weck Kotsol, these workshops teach you all about healing with crystals at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.

After browsing all the basic minerals at Crystal and Gems Gallery, go the gemstone route with a look at the brilliant amethysts, emeralds, and other gems. All their gemstones come in geodes, points, pendulums, and both rough and tumbled stones. Want a huge statement piece for your home? Take a peek at their seven-foot-tall amethyst and citrine geodes during your visit.

They even use the gems to create their gorgeous handmade jewelry, including pendants and earrings. While shopping their jewelry, you’ll definitely want to set your sights on their sterling silver Hawaiian pieces made in the shape of sea turtles and plumeria flowers. Want a custom piece? Just let them know what you have in mind.

Come admire their:

Gaia Earrings
When you simply cannot choose between all the options, treat yourself to their gorgeous Gaia Earrings. Each earring features 14-karat gold or sterling silver stones wrapped around five cut stones: chalcedony, apatite, topaz, tourmaline, and quartz.

Larimar Necklaces
If you want to carry a piece of the Earth close to your heart, treat yourself to a Larimar Necklace. To create this beautiful, yet minimalistic piece, they hand-select a chunk of larimar and then polish it smooth. After that, they drill a hole through the top edge and suspend it on a gold setting that attaches to a chain.

Citrine Geodes
When you want to boost luck, prosperity, and confidence – or simply brighten up the place – their Citrine Geodes are the way to go. These monstrous statement pieces flash bright orange hues, letting you bask in their brilliance day after day.

If you still want to shop for crystals, gems, and more upon returning home, just go to the Crystal and Gems Gallery website to browse what’s available. Once you find all the things you want, add the items to your cart, and then have them shipped right to your door. After you put in your online order, expect it to take two days for processing, and then another four days to make it to your doorstep. When ordering custom jewelry, it’ll take two to three extra days to ship out.

Insider Tips:
-If you sign up for the newsletter on the Crystal and Gems Gallery website, they’ll send a discount code to your email inbox.
-Their stock goes well beyond what’s in the storefront, so just ask if you want something that’s not on display. They may just have it in your warehouse if you’re lucky.  
-If you’re not happy with your order from Crystal and Gems Gallery, you can return it for a full refund as long as it’s in its original condition. When returning an item bought online, you’re responsible for the price of shipping and insurance.
-You cannot return any items that arrived at your local by crate.
-Be sure to ask about their oil paintings during your visit.