Costco Wholesale

Costco Wholesale - A Practical Place to Save on Groceries in Kauai
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4 / 5
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Between the satisfying portion sizes and killer deals, Costco Wholesale is a smart place to plan your meals if you're on a budget in Kauai. Even if you're not on a budget though, this is a convenient place to get everything you need to enjoy your fun-packed days. 

- The Local Expert Team

Costco Wholesale is a well-known place to find big portions of practically anything you could ever think of. Known for its warehouse qualities and a huge selection, it’s always the right place to go if you’re feeding a big group on a small budget. If you’re on vacation in Kauai, we recommend avoiding the high costs of going out to eat by making a stop near the beginning of your trip. In addition to food, there’s also a pharmacy and gas station, which could come in handy for basic necessities. 

Save Big on All Your Favorite Treats 
One thing is for certain: when you’re near the beach, everyone will be up for snacks throughout the day. This kind of eating is almost instinctive, brought on by long hours in the sun and the waves. Instead of stocking up every day at a convenience store, buying in bulk is far more economical. The deals to be found at Costco are often second to none. All it takes is a little forethought and maybe a few tips about what they have there. 

Whether it’s chocolate or chips, Costco has plenty of ready-to-eat treats for your group. There are also grab-and-go options, like frozen breakfast burritos, that are easy to heat up. Eat them in one hand, drink coffee in the other, and leave early enough to enjoy the sunset. Stow a few tubs of guacamole in the cooler and an industrial bag of tortilla chips for all those unexpected cravings. 

Other good snack selections include:

Nuts: Costco sells a variety of prepackaged, individual servings of nuts as well as big containers of the most popular varietals. This is an exceptionally cost-effective way to get everyone in the group enough protein to keep up with a demanding itinerary. 

Meat and cheese packs: Whether you’re indulging with wine or just having a pick-me-up between meals, meat and cheese packs are easy to eat with crackers or bread. Who needs a fancy charcuterie board at a restaurant when you can build one from scratch with all your favorites?

Sandwich trays: The Costco Wholesale in Kauai has a deli that is laden with sandwich trays. These single-sized portions are easy to store in the fridge or cooler so everyone can grab one when they’re ready to eat. 

Save Big on All Your Big Meals 
Doesn’t matter if it’s burgers or mac and cheese, you can enjoy plenty of meals at your home away from home. Costco has great prices on fresh meat, produce, cheese, and bread and you don’t have to be a master chef to put together an impressive spread.

Even if you don’t have a grill or any other kind of cooking station at your place, you can pick up a rotisserie chicken with some tortilla wraps, cheese, mayo, and lettuce to enjoy a delicious dinner without the hefty bill at the end. Or consider scouting out the public barbeque pits in the parks or beaches near you so you can cook right where you are.

Costco Wholesale can give you the means to enjoy Kauai on a budget, one that won’t make the experience any less special or valuable. Think of all the great memories you’ll have of enjoying one another’s company without having to tally up every last expense while you’re there. 

Insider Tips:
-The Costco Wholesale in Kauai has a deli, pharmacy, gas station, bakery, optical department, and tire service center. 
-Look for public barbeque pits near you to cook your groceries if your place doesn’t have a full kitchen.