CJM Country Stables

CJM Country Stables - Horseback Riding Opportunities Along Secluded Seaside Vistas
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4 / 5
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Situated atop cliffs looking out over the Pacific Ocean, CJM Country Stables's truly unique location makes them the premier choice when it comes to horseback riding adventures. Gorgeous cliff vistas, turquoise oceans, and rolling valleys are just a few of the stunning sights awaiting you at this location. 

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

CJM Country Stables stands on the southeastern end of Kauai where a stretch of land juts out into the Pacific Ocean. And by juts, we mean juts. The land just beyond the stables slopes down to cliffs shaped by braking waves; waves so close that you’ll hear their crashing and feel the ocean breezes the moment you step on the property. As such, if you are looking for a coastal horseback riding experience, few places deliver like CJM Country Stables does.

When you arrive at CJM Country Stables, one of their experienced horse guides will help you and your group become acquainted with your paired horses. Then it’s time to saddle up and get on the trail — and you won’t have to go far! The Mahaulepu Heritage Trail runs just behind the stables themselves and once on that trail, it’s just your group, the horses, and natural Hawaiian landscapes. This part of the island is not built up and offers some pretty incredible secluded ocean vistas, with the big added benefit of being able to see them by horseback.

The Mahaulepu Heritage Trail is a big selling point of CJM Country Stables as it opens up the perfect avenue for horseback riding adventures. Consider the following popular highlighted tours:

The Scenic Beach and Valley Ride
CJM Country Stables offers this group ride (up to eight people) twice a day with each trip lasting about two hours. The journey follows the Mahaulepu Heritage Trail along the rocky sea cliffs and across valleys that slope down into the sea. The trail later meanders along sandy beaches, even crossing over several sandbars.

Secret Beach Picnic Ride
The Secret Beach Picnic Ride follows the same aforementioned Mahaulepu Heritage Trail, but it offers some exciting extras. This CJM Country Stables Ride lasts an hour longer than the aforementioned ride and for much of that extra hour, guests get to enjoy a beachside break.

Spend that time off of your horse exploring the shorelines while your trail guide prepares the group a custom picnic lunch of sandwiches and cooled drinks. Unfortunately, while these waters are gorgeous to look at, swimming is prohibited due to the dangerous way the waves break over the reef. Dangerous, but certainly beautiful!

Choosing a horseback adventure is not for everyone, but it is something most should try at least once. There is something beautiful and epic about riding across these ancient windswept coasts, traveling without the harsh noises of boat or car engines and rather just the sounds of the ocean. CJM Country Stables makes riding fun, interesting, and easy for those of all skill levels, and should you want a more private riding experience, they are open to arrangements.

You’ll find CJM Country Stables about 30 to 45 minutes south of Nawiliwili Port, just outside the smaller community of Koloa. In fact, nearby Old Koloa Town ought to be a must-stop on every Kauai visitor’s logbook, especially for an afternoon sweet treat at Lappert’s Ice Cream Store. 

Insider Tips:
-CJM Country Stables does use a weight-to-height ratio when registering guests for the safety and comfort of riders and horses. 
-In keeping with their strict weight considerations, rain gear and excess gear of other types (ie backpacks) are not allowed on the ride, but there are small saddlebags to carry smaller, more necessary items like a personal drink and camera. 
-CJM Country Stables offers rides for children 8 years and older with a minimum height of 48 inches. 
-The group has no strict dress code. However, most find riding with shorts uncomfortable, especially if you’re prone to skin irritation or allergies. Long pants are ideal for protection and comfort.