Big Save Market – Koloa

Shop Like the Locals at Big Save Market in Koloa
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4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Big Save Market in Koloa is a supermarket that lives up to its super name. Shop for general groceries or check out the tasty hot and cold dishes, including poke, from the deli. Explore regional specialty goods and prepared foods at Big Save Market for a truly local experience.

- The Local Expert Team

Travel smart and add a visit to a local supermarket to your trip. When in Koloa, make that supermarket Big Save for a great selection of fresh produce, deli options, local groceries, and much more.

If you want your travel experience to include living like the locals, add a supermarket to your itinerary. Visiting area markets lets you visit the same places where the local’s shop. Plus, at supermarkets, you can buy regional specialty products for lower prices than you’ll find in tourist shops.

Another benefit of supermarket shopping is saving money. Stock up on bottled waters and snacks at a supermarket, and you’ll avoid having to pay the elevated prices for these same products back at your hotel or resort.

Finally, by visiting area supermarkets, like Big Save Market, you support local businesses and their employees.

Big Save Market in Koloa offers all the perks of shopping at a grocery store while on vacation. Its location on the south side of Kauai means that you don’t have to go to Lihue to shop. If you

When visiting, remember that this market provides convenience for locals rather than comfort for tourists. To save space, the market has narrower aisles than many visitors have seen in their hometowns.  Pay attention to the typical foot traffic flow through these one-way aisles and you won’t have a problem with navigating the store. The small size of the market’s shopping area adds to its charm and allows it to have more room for the stellar deli.

One of the highlights of this market is the deli, which includes both a sushi bar and a poke bar. Travelers and locals praise the offerings at these fresh food areas of Big Save Market for quick grab-and-go meals, such as freshly made sandwiches and sushi, prepared deli foods, and poke bowls. Options at the deli change daily but all dishes surpass expectations, whether you choose hot or cold foods.

For example, visitors note that the poke types they ordered from Big Save Market were cheaper and tastier than at some area restaurants. Recommended dishes from the deli include many of the poke varieties, such as shoyu ahi, spicy ahi, Hawaiian style ahi, and tornado ahi. The furikake soybeans are another outstanding option to not miss if the deli serves them when you visit.  

Stop by in the morning to enjoy breakfast selections from the deli or order a plate lunch in the afternoon for a midday meal. Plate lunches come with an entrée, three sides, and a drink for a hearty meal for a smaller price than many tourist eateries.

Outside the deli area, you will find locally sourced meats, seafood, and produce. Sources for produce include Ho Farms on Oahu, You Farms on Oahu, Kula Farms on Maui, Yees Orchard Farms on Maui, Candy Apple Farms on Oahu, and many more. These local partnerships ensure that you get the freshest produce from nearby islands with the knowledge that you are providing support for area growers.

Grab some fresh fruits or vegetables to supplement your vacation splurges or to enjoy the flavors of Hawaii. Many visitors to Big Save Market praise the produce section for its selection and freshness of locally grown fruits and vegetables.

Shopping at an area supermarket lets you feel more like a local and save money by stocking up on basic supplies. Visiting Big Save Market lets you support area workers and businesses through the farmers this market works with. Plus, you can access exceptional meal options at the deli section of this market. Helping the local economy, saving money, and getting great deli food make a trip to Big Save Market in Koloa an ideal addition to your Hawaiian vacation.

Insider Tips:
-Avoid shopping during the day on weekends when the market is busiest with locals doing their weekly shopping.
-You can get one-day or monthly bus passes at Big Save Market in Koloa. By taking the bus, you won’t have to fight traffic or find parking spots in crowded tourist sites.